How does Carl Hester’s stable look like?

Ola ola,

Happy Monday!

If I had to choose my favourite people in the horse world, it probably would be Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester. A lot of their ideas and beliefs around horsemanship are the same as mine. I love how they turn their horses out for the whole day together and how they generally keep their horses with hacks every week and food schedule. People nowadays seem to keep their horses in their boxes all day and wonder why they are so crazy when they go riding. To me that equation is very simple, luckily Carl Hester seems to think the same way. The video below shows this beautiful stable and how they keep their horses. Definitely worth a watch!



Stable tip

Good evening,

You know that feeling when your horse have been outside with his raincoat on, rolling around, having fun and then he/she comes in and you have to hang the rug over your other rugs which is hanging on your stable door? Making them all dirty as well.

The drama.


I actually stole this tip from a stable friend who had hung up one. A rug bag for your stable door.

I bought mine from QHP a couple of weeks ago and it’s proving itself very useful. It’s super easy to click on your door and you can still slide the door open. The one on the picture above is currently carrying 3 different sweat rugs(yeah let’s not get into why I have 3 different ones), all staying nice and clean while the dirty rain coat can hang on top.

Here are some different options:

QHP – 21.95 euro

BR – 25 euro


When you got nothing to do 

Good evening. 

Hope you all have had a nice Sunday. 

This morning I was meant to go to another preselection for the Dutch dressage championship, but when the alarm went off at 8 I didn’t understand where I was or what was ringing. So when I finally came to reality I turned it off, turned around and slept till 11. Haha. Well it’s Sunday after all. 

Mr.Grumpy got a well deserved day off today. He has been great the whole week, so think it was good for him to get a low key day. Outside the ground was freezing and inside there was a dressage contest, so we couldn’t do so much anyway. But instead of leaving him in the box we went for a little stable stroll, so he could cuddle with his best friend. 

Thereafter we did a proper spa treatment. Cleaned the legs and smeared in the hooves, cut the upper as well as the lower part of the tail.

 And then you guys, I thought I was going to be good and cut his mane. I think we all should be very happy I’m not a hairdresser. Cause now Mr.Grumpy looks a little bit like this :


I don’t know how people cut manes so straight with those curved scissors. I’m going to buy a straight one. Yep, im totally blaming it on the scissor. What else could I blame? Myself? Naaah never. 

I remember when I was 12 and a hairdresser did the same to me. I went home crying to my grandfather who just looked at me and said “if you are going to sit there and cry over a little bit of hair, you’re going to have a very hard life”. 

Luckily it’s just hair and it will grow out again. I can already hear my instructor tomorrow though “why on earth is it so short”, just like last time. Haha. Can’t wait. 

Have a nice evening!


Dumbie home for Christmas 

I’ve started noticing lately that my head is not completely there. Generally it just means I forget some stuff here and there, but what I managed yesterday really tops the cake. 

It was time to finally fly home to Norway for Christmas. I got up at 06.00, tired and probably more grumpy then a normal behaving Mr.Grumpy. Went to the airport at 7 and was happy I was in time, or so I tought….

As I was checking in the guy behind the counter looked at me and said “eh Miss, you’re a little bit late, your flight is in 10 minutes and you won’t reach it now”. It then dawned on me that my flight was an hour earlier then I had thought. ….. I’ve never felt so dumb in my life. Ive never ever missed a flight in my life, but I guess one time it had to happen….luckily KLM was in a festive mood and my track record of bad service with them was broken as they changed my ticket to the next flight for very little money. High five KLM.

As I was stressing with the flight Mr.Grumpy went to the vet for his cough as well. It was the same thing as he had this summer, which is literally something to do with dust. So he has now been moved for a different stable with a shaving bedding instead. Within two weeks he should be all healthy again.  So all good in time for Christmas.


Hay castles and counter canter

When you have a smart horse you continuously have to outsmart them. Mr. Grumpy is one of those horses. For a while now he has been making a fool of me when it comes to the left canter. Either he would decide to just stop or he would start to counter canter. Because he knew that I would then have to slow down and start again. Now that I’ve finally started to react quicker and pushing the right buttons he does the “correct” canter more or less from the beginning. The last half year he has been trying me out on so many things, but the canter has been my biggest annoyance. Now that we finally are becoming a team it feels so good!

Today his box was completely cleaned out and filled with new hay. For some reason it seems that he wants to save it as he pushes it all to one corner making a hay castle. Kinda cute.

Lunging squats 

Pfft Today’s been busy so far. Started my day with circuit training in the forrest. Was super nice when I was done, but in the middle I tought I was going to both throw up and faint at the same time. Haha. But the start has been made and it can only get better from here on. Thereafter I hurried to Epplejeck(huge horse store chain in the Netherlands) to pick up an order before I hurried to the stable to lunge Mr. Grumpy. Afterwards I made sure he looked all pretty again before he was given his daily carrots. I’ll show later what I got at Epplejeck. Have a nice Saturday!