Amidale 4 flex sport stirrups 

Good evening,

About a month ago I noticed that the rubber was bursting on my flex stirrups from Epplejeck. So I decided to look for new ones. I mean, I would love to buy the Sprenger bow balance, but they are so expensive I just can’t seem to justify the price. It’s like buying super expensive body lotion, biggest waste of money ever. However as my knees really need the flex I started looking for alternatives online. 

After a bit of research I came across the Amidale 4-flex sport stirrups. They’ve been highly recommended by a lot of people on the net, so I decided to give them a go. I must say so far I’m pleasantly surprised. The flex is good, I really like the black(you can get them in all colors possible), and they provide a good grip. I tried them out yesterday and didn’t have any problems with my knees. 

I bought mine at De Paardengruiter for 43 euro. I didn’t knew the site on beforehand and was a bit sceptical to order from them, but didn’t have to be at all. They’ve provided great service and the product was neatly packed in. There was an issue with the delivery and they notified me on WhatsApp which is so much better then dealing with everything over mail. Top notch service(no they didn’t pay me to say that, haha). 


Ooteman Summer sales

Since we are in the spirit of sales. Ooteman always launches their sales prices before the actual sales, so you can sit down and look through and then quickly buy when the actual sales starts online. Today they released the prices and on Monday at 18.00, you will be able to buy the products. Below you can find some of the scoops I wouldn’t mind buying(you can find the links and prices below).

1. Kieffer Bridle Amilia 100 euro

Tack Haul

Pikeur Diana

Today I bit the bullet and went to Epplejeck to find a competition jacket. There are two things in life I hate trying on, which is breeches/jeans and blazers. So I went on to trying a ton and looking at a ton before I found the jacket above and a Euro-Star one. However as the Euro-star one was a bit boring and not so detailed I decided to go for this one which is from Pikeur and its called Diana. My budget was originally 100 euro for a jacket, but unfortunately this one was a tad bit more. I tried to take a better photo, but my phone aint that good. Very happy with it, and can’t wait to use it! Will provide a review once I’ve worn it a couple of times.

As they had 3 for 2 at Epplejeck I figured I would buy the bit I needed and a show shirt as well so I would get one of the pieces for free. Unfortunately I saw at the cashier that Pikeur wasn’t included in the deal, so off I went to get another piece which ended up being some new Sprenger spurs. I wish I would have picked a cheaper sport to do, haha.

sprenger turnado bit

Sprenger Turnado  Sensogan  bit. Ive been on the lookout for a new bit for Mr.Grumpy  as the one he has is becoming old. Ive read a lot of good things about this one, so hopefully he likes it.

Kingsland showshirt

Kingsland Alcoma Show Shirt. I didn’t want one that was totally white as I generally don’t use tight sitting tops, so this was a good middle way. It feels very good. Cant believe you pay so much money for a polyester top tough.  Me and my best friend always have this saying “polyester nightmare” about polyester clothes as they get so sweaty. Hopefully this one aint that bad.

sprenger ultragrip spurs

Sprenger Ulta fit grip Spurs. I know a lot of people don’t like spurs, but Mr.Grumpy was used to them before I got him and becomes very lazy without them. These are luckily pretty “kind”.

3 for 2

Of course when you’ve given yourself a shopping ban and have absolutely no money, you get an email that Epplejeck has sales on with pay for 2 things, get 3. I don’t really need anything besides competition shirt and jacket, but as a shopping crazy woman, there are of course things I wouldn’t mind to have.

Aint I colorful? haha

  1. Kingsland competition jacket
  2. Euro-star competition shirt
  3. Harry’s horse breeches
  4. Kingsland sweat rug
  5. Eskadron tendon boots
  6. Kingsland saddle pad
  7. Sprenger bit
  8. Sprenger spurs
  9. Kieffer rubber reins
  10. Kingsland passport holder