Saddle me to hell and back

Ola ola,

What a day.

Today the saying trough blood, sweat and tears is fitting.

Well slightly dramatic, but at a certain point I thought Grumpy was ready for the green fields and could no longer be used as a riding horse.

I called the saddle fitter because my saddle didn’t fit Grumpy anymore. His body has changed a bit lately and he was letting me know with riding that he didn’t like the saddle anymore. I hoped that we could still fit it, but unfortunately not, so on I went on a “try every saddle in the universe” adventure.

Before we started I said to him “you must be such a patient person”, not knowing I was going to use 3 hours of his time to find a fitting saddle.

I started off rather positive, trying new saddles is always fun, but after the 8 one my patient started running out and I thought we would never get there. We tried literally every brand out there, but Grumpy wouldn’t move properly into trot. At a certain point he even had to go on the longe to check that he was ok.

Then someone walked by and said “why are you using this arena, the other one is so much better” and as both me and the saddle fitter was pulling our hairs out at this point we figured why not and on we went to the big arena which has a different underground. And yep, voila. The diva decided that everything was alright and decided to start moving. Pfft.

I can’t even express how happy I am that Kees Bregman is just as a perfectionist as me and kept trying till we found the right one. It was hard work, but we got there in the end. I’ll go an eat soup for the next 5 years now, but at least I can sit great and Grumpy can move without restriction.


So good 

Today Mr.Grumpy deserved carrots, musli and even slobber if I had had that after the ride we had.

He took the bit almost straight away and felt so awake and good. Yesterday we had a lesson where I learned to focus on what to do if someone came to close by with another horse, which I put to good use today in a very busy arena. As long as I’m reacting before Mr.Grumpy it’s fine. If not he turns into a angry kangaroo that starts moving really weirdly. At times it’s really annoying that people don’t realize that they ruin it for me when they ride too close by, but if I can turn his angry energy into good energy then it can be useful. 

After the ride I took the time to clean all his tack and my riding boots. Hadn’t dont it for a while, so it was much needed. I’ve also put his fur girth in the washing machine, so will have to see how that comes out of it again. Hopefully in one whole piece. 

Right now there is a storm hailing over the Netherlands so I’m going to spend the rest of this Sunday underneath a wool blanket with a cup of chai tea. 

Happy Sunday. 



Since I got to hear that Mr.Grumpy has a bad hoof yesterday I decided to take it slow today. So we went to the lunging circle and practiced some lunging without a rope. In the beginning he did his normal “I’ll just stop here and eat some grass”, but after some rounds he got it and listened well. Afterwards I sat down and let him eat some grass and chill out. The rest of the day I spent in the sun while cleaning all my tack(don’t do it in the sun, it’s not good for the leather, haha). Such a relaxing day, well needed for us both. Tomorrow it’s back to yoga and riding. 

On the right way 

Just had such a good lesson. When I came to the stable Mr.Grumpy was being really slow and didn’t seem to want to do much so I thought it was going to be hell, but he was so good. 
We were practicing transitions and left canter like no tomorrow and both went really well. No counter canter at all and most of the transitions were good. Need to practice more trot to walk as he then has a tendency to fall together, so that one needs some more work. Besides this he has a tendency to fall to the inside when I do a circle on the left side, so this will be on the check list for tomorrow. Finally I feel like we are on our way to almost start with competitions. Feels so good when everything goes so right! Some photos from today.