Steal of the week

I wish I would be horse riding right now, but instead I’m laying on the sofa like a half dead whale. Unfortunately the cold plague that is ruling the Netherlands at the moment found its next victim. 
But hey, the good thing about colds is that they generally go away and hopefully I’m then done for the year(crossing fingers and toes.haha) 
Anyway, enough about the cold and on to something more fun. In the Divoza package I received yesterday there were also a box with a pair of jodhpurs in it. I’ve been drooling over the ones from Petrie for a while, but never found my size so when I saw these for that price I decided to get them again. My last pair is the exact same model and they are really nice. They are made of real leather and the quality is good. For 37 euros one can’t really complain. You only have to go up one size as they run small. 

You can buy them at Divoza for 37.40,-. And if you’re like me and wear this type of boot as a fashion item, then just cut of the two “tags” and they can be worn with jeans and so forth as well. Saves quite a lot of money as the same model in real leather will cost you over 100 euro,-.

10 riding breeches without bling bling

You can call me boring, but riding breeches full of bling bling just aint for me. I’ve tried it, but I just can’t handle it. If you saw my clothing closet you would see a sea of grey,white and black. The few coloured items must have been bought while being asleep as I don’t wear them.

So below you got 10 breeches without bling bling,  5 with leather grip and 5 silicon grip. As per usual, if you click on the name you are directed to where you can buy them.

Leather grip

  1. HV Polo Pro Odeon Leather – 130 euro

2. Montar Highwaist leather – 129. 95 euro

3. Easy Rider Abby – 89.95 euro

4. Eurostar Clair Leather – 170 euro

5. Easy Rider Abby – 89.95 euro

I’m considering buying the Easy Rider Abby one, it looks really comfy and the price is alright. I just wonder how the fabric is, I’m not so into the ones that feel like jogging pantsish. I’ve tried the ones from Montar, they have some kind of bamboo fabric, which feels kinda nice and soft on the skin, but is not for everyone.

Silicon Grip

1. Pikeur Candela FG209.95 euro

2. Pikeur Ophira – 157 euro

3. Eurostar Dafne fg – 130 euro

4. Eurostar Carina GF – 150 euro

5. Montar Highwaist FG – 134.95 euro

Not written in cooperation with Epplejeck, I was being lazy and it is the only webshop with proper photos.
Hope you find one you like, let me know which one!

1.Year Anniversary 

Today me and Mr.Grumpy have our 1 year anniversary. 

I remember seeing this photo of him and instantly falling in love.
So this day last year I picked him up and the minute he stepped out of the trailer he walked lame. The horse I had tried twice and watched at competition was not walking correctly straight away.
However after a week from hell where we ended up changing stables back to where he came from and two different vet appointments it all ended well luckily. 

I am so happy I ended up changing stables, and I doubt that it would have gone very well if I hadn’t. I’ve gotten so much help from people and learned so much. I honestly would never have sold Mr.Grumpy to myself if I had seen how hysterical I was the first months, but thankfully with all the help we’ve managed to get quite far. It almost feels like I’ve gained a new horse family. 
My life before Mr.Grumpy was loads of travels, expensive dinners, expensive handbags, redicolous taxi rides and loads of people one shouldn’t have in their life. I often complain that I have no money anymore, but the joy he gives me is well worth it, especially on a day like today when he walks like a star. 
Thank you Kim, Julia, Nicolette, Ton, Carla, Christa, Michel. And the rest of the Spaarnwoude family. I should have brought cake, but you can all grab a carrot from my closet. Hahah 

Sunny day 

Since it was such beautiful weather outside today me and Mr.Grumpy enjoyed some time in the sun and just chilled.
After he’d been rolling around in the sand and had some suntanning outside I decided to go for a walk instead of putting him in the walker. Can you imagine if us human beings were put in walkers? Must be so boring to walk in circles all the time.. Anyhow we just had a nice little walk outside and Mr.Grumpy was in a really nice mood and walking well. It seems that he is finally coming back to life from his little dip which is so nice to see. His fur is shining again and I just got a message from his other love that he did really well while riding today as well. So happy that it’s going in the right direction. When he had his dip I really thought it was the end of it all, but then again, I’m way to dramamom and need to chill out. Thankfully I have no children on my own, I would be the worst. Haha 


Aztec diamond 

When you start looking around on the Internet, there is so many different equestrian brand. Specially America,UK and Sweden has a lot of new brands that has loads of nice product. Recently I came across a rather new brand from UK called Aztec Diamond which was launched in 2014. What I’ve noticed in the Netherlands is that a lot of the brands that are big here are super old fashioned, bad digital wise and generally just not fashion forward. This brand is all those things, just check out the images below. Don’t think they sell in the Netherlands yet, but oh well, the images are pretty too. 


Just put a rug on it 

We have officially reached that time of the year where you don’t know if you should put a rug on it or not. For the first time this autumn I put a cooler rug on Mr.Grumpy after excersize tonight. He looked like a rained out cat after the lesson so he needed it before I put on the summer sheet.
He is currently loosing all of his coat again, so I am kinda hoping that if I now put a summer sheet on him at night he will continue shedding. Guess I will have to wait and see if it works.
Tonight’s lesson was hard work. It’s like he waits for the clock to tick 45 minutes into the lesson and he stars walking like a star. But the first 45 minutes is a work out hell to say the least. Hoping with being consequent that the time will go down little by little and he will walk better earlier in the session. Then his owner doesn’t have to come half dead of him. Haha.

Uvex cap bag 

I’ve been looking for a nice cap bag for a while for my competition cap, so was super happy when I came across this one from Uvex. 
It has nice fleece inside so your cap definitely doesn’t get damaged. It feels really sturdy and nice. It was about 30 euro at Divoza

Horse Youtuber's in English

In the beginning when I just got Mr.Grumpy I used to search around on youtube for the most informative Youtubers to learn from. Considering I’ve not grown up with horses, nor been a real penny girl I was missing a lot of knowledge like how to clean a horse properly, how to cut his mane and so on. In-between all the garbage videos, cause boy there is a lot of garbage youtubers you can find some that are pretty good. I’ve listed some of the  english ones I find useful below:

Evention TV

Dom and Jaimy Schramm from Evention tv has a lot of useful videos regarding all things horse related. They haven’t posted much in a while, but their videos are great for general information like how to load a horse, how to get a fitting saddle and so on.

Dressage Mastery Academy

Natasha Althoff is an Australian Grand Prix rider and her biggest dream is to one day attend and win the Olympics riding on a Frisian horse. Her channel is more riding related and you can find loads of great movies on how to do certain movements with your horse or just how to for example sit correctly in the saddle. Her enthusiasm is really contagious as well.

I do watch a couple of Dutch ones as well which I can share later. If you have any good Youtubers to share, please let me know.