Essentials summer 2018


I think we can all agree that this summer has been pretty much insane. And considering it likes to rain in the Netherlands I’ll try my best not to complain about it.

This weather has made me buy two things I never thought I would buy. Or I didn’t buy them, boyfriend was kind enough to go to the store while I was at work. So all props to him

First thing on the shopping list was a fly mask. Normally Grumpy doesn’t care to much about flies, but this year their exceptionally bad. As a fly mask newbie I had no idea what to buy, so I went for the mask below from Bucas. It’s the freedom fly mask which costs about 14.95 euro. Grumpy got a small head for a horse so he has size medium. They run rather big.

The second item he picked up was the Naf Electro lytes for electrolytes. Grumpy hasn’t sweated so much lately, so I have a feeling he is missing a bit of salt. It was the only one they had left at the store, so no idea if it’s great or not, but we shall see. He had no problem eating it and the packaging is easy to use. Costs 14.95 euro as well.

Hopefully these items will make Grumpies life a little better. He seemed to already enjoy the mask. No flies for us.


Is your horse coughing?

Ola ola,

Let’s start this post with a disclaimer. If your horse is coughing and you don’t know why, you should go to the vet.

Last week the Netherlands decided to become a tropical paradise with 30 degrees and sun everyday. This was all fun and games until Grumpy decided he was going to start coughing his lunges out.

In case you don’t know, coughing is really bad for horses as it can rip the lounges apart or create long lasting issues. It’s therefore important that you deal with the issue quickly. In this case I knew Grumpy didn’t have a virus as he’s had this issue before. When it gets to warm in combination with dust he starts coughing.

Normally I call the vet and get a dose of Ventipulmin, but at the lovely cost of 150 euro all together I was hoping to find something else that would work. A stable mate recommended NAF respiratory boost to me, and I figured that I had nothing to loose so on I went to the shop to buy it.

And it works! Even within two days he was significantly better and now it’s almost gone. For a liter bottle you pay 50 euro which is a lot less then 150. Definitely worth a shot for those with horses that have dust allergies or bronchitis.


How to get rid of mud fever 


Oh you guys. By the end of my life, if I keep going by this rate, I can probably call myself a veterinarian. I’ve completely lost count of how many pages I’ve read about mud fever(Mok) and grease heels. 

I started off reading Dutch websites, but for some reason the Dutch can’t seem to agree on anything mud fever so you’ll find 50 different answers. So I decided to check out the English and the American, luckily their slightly more updated on this topic. So here is my Do’s and Dont’s.


  • Wash the heels one time only with anti bacterial shampoo. Make sure you clean your hands in between switching legs. Mud fever transfers easily from one to another. Once done, dry legs completely. Don’t repeat this  more than once. 
  • Keep the legs dry at all costs. Grumpy had to stay inside for two weeks to be able to battle it. If they have to get wet, make sure you dry them at least once a day. Bacteria’s thrive when the legs are wet. 
  • Use a cream or spray with Sulphur(zwavel) in it. Sulphur kills bacteria’s and stimulates growth of the skin. And keep on putting it on. Day and night if needed. Not doing it will mean one step back. 
  • Make sure the stable is as clean as possible. Pee and poop are bacteria’s best friends. Especially pee is extremely bad for mud fever. 
  • Use mud fever pills and vitamins to fight the mud fever from within. 
  • Go on short walks with your Horse to keep the bloodstream going as this will help with recovery time. 


  • People seem to think you need to scratch of the scabs(kortsjes). DONT. They will fall off in due time if you treat it correctly. The only thing you do by scratching is making wounds and hurting your Horse immensely. 
  • Do not put your hand in the pot of cream and smear all four legs in one go. The only thing you do by doing that is transferring the mud fever from one leg to another. Clean your hands before moving to the next leg. 
  • Don’t put cream on a half dry leg. Then your only locking the bacteria’s in and your horse will probably be worse the next day.
  • Don’t be lazy. Mud fever is not fixed in one day, but if you keep being lazy and don’t clean, dry and smear the legs it will never go away and only get worse. 

It’s really not rocket science. Keeping dry, kill the bacteria’s and smearing is all it needs. 

So in my fight against mud fever, I tried out several products and some ended up working really well. Links to shops in the name. 

Frama – Easy mok spray

This is a pure Sulphur spray and was the only thing I felt truly penetrated the scabs and removed them. The spray itself is useless so i poured it into a cloth and used that instead. It’s cheap and works really well. E


The good old nappy cream. Many people swear by this one for mud fever and I like it too. It’s pretty cheap and easy to smear on the legs. The only thing is that it makes the heels really greasy. 

NAF – mud barrier cream

This cream contains a lot of great ingredients against mud fever like Sulphur, tea tree oil, msm+++ It’s very easy to smear and I feel like it penetrates the scabs well. It’s a lot more liquidy then a normal cream so the only issue was that because grumpy stands on shavings these would easily get stuck to his legs and they would become very dirty. This cream can be used prematurely throughout the whole year and keeps the dirt out as it’s “waterproof”.The pot seems very expensive, but it’s huge. 

Mok cure 

Last , but not least Grumpy got pills against the mud fever. I can’t say for sure if these helped, but I did feel the recovery went quicker once I started giving them. Online you can find loads of raving reviews about them. 

If you are battling the same thing, good luck. If you have never had it, be quick if your horse ends up getting it. It will save you a lot of heartache and money. 


NAF warming soap 


We all know how marketing fooled I got by “NaF’s bride it”. Now they’ve brought another product on the market. This one is called NAF warming soap. 

The claim for this body wash is that you can use it on your horse after excersizing and you don’t have to rins it off. Apparently the ingredients give a warming effect so that your horse feels warmer. 

“NAF Warming Wash this is a no rinse body wash containing Ginger and Clary Sage to warm and cleanse your horse on winter days. The formula contains no soap, detergents or thickening agents so it’s really gentle and very easy to use, just a couple of capfuls added to warm water. 

NAF Warming Wash lifts sweat and dirt with ease and the subtle warming fragrance is soothing and relaxing. “

Considering Grumpy is a super sweater and has a long fur, this could be interesting. Apparently it smells amazing. It costs 15,- euro. 

Have you tried it?


Stupidly expensive horse products 

Yesterday I had to drop by the horse tack shop to buy a dressage competition book. And as per usual when you do such a thing you come home with way more than you bargained for. 

Walking trough the isles my eye fell on this thing from NAF – braid it up.

It looked fancy and smelled nice. And I thought to myself “it’s the second time that I will braid, of course I need such a thing”. 


Way to go Maria. You just bought a 15 euro bottle of hairspray. I don’t even spend that much money on hairspray for myself.

Mind you I do love NAF’s product overall. Their vitamins are really great, but this is just a marketing product meant for dumb people like me. The spray is also way to hard and thin, so when I tried it out Grumpy hit his head in the ceiling. 

Best 15 euro I’ve ever spent… 


Chilled out Saturday 

Gilmore girls, sofa, candy and a cup of tea is how my life looks like right now. So chill. 

I got up early to go to the stable today. Me and Mr.Grumpy had a nice ride in a children lesson, but it was actually good to go back to the basics and hear all the things you normally don’t focus on. Slowely, but surely I’m getting his attention quicker and he is listening better to my aids.

 (He is growing muscles again,whoop whoop)

Today’s lesson was very focused on how to ride a good circle, something I hate to practice as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t like to do them, but hey, you can’t avoid it just because he doesn’t like to. Luckily it went better towards the end and I got some good tips on entering canter. So overall a good lesson. 

So I’m now on a complete shopping ban as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t need anything else, but the last thing I bought before the ban entered was this stable rug from Bucas. 

I had 150g rug and a 450g, but nothing inbetween and the 150g wasn’t enough anymore. So after a lot of searching I ended up on this 300 gram select quilt from Bucas with stay dry fleece on the inside. Which means I can put it on him eventough we’ve just been excersizing as it will dry up the sweat. Makes life a little simpler if he were to grow his teddy beer fur again. I bought mine at Hypoestore with 25% last week or so. 

Two weeks ago I won a horse shampoo from Naf on the blog of Horsegloss. Today I could finally pick it up at my local horseshop. 

I must admit that I don’t shower Mr.Grumpy with a shampoo that often as he doesn’t really need it. So this one will be given to little Bindy tomorrow as she loves all things pink and her horse loves to get dirty, so she has better use of it. It smells super delicious and the design is pretty cute! 

Something I’ve noticed in the horse world is that when it comes to marketing they are extremely far behind. If I would have been Naf I would have provided this shampoo in a nice box with a little note attached to it. However I just got it handed over in a store. Such little things can make people love your brand so much more. Ah well, I still got my shampoo 🙂 

Now is time to crawl under my blanket again and stay there for the rest of the day. Have a nice Saturday.


Horsefitshop – Biotine Extra review 

A while ago I showed you my new vitamin purchases from Horsefitshop(vitamin e-biotine extra and magnesium). I decided to buy these products because they were significantly cheaper then my normal NAF products, in hope that they would be just as good.


Didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

Just as a clarification, I did not change anyththing in his food or excersize regime during the time trying this product. As I didn’t notice much different with the vitamin e and haven’t given the magnesium a try yet, this review will only be about the Biotine extra.

So what happened? One month in after starting with the product from Horsefitshop, Mr.Grumpy suddenly became super hairy and his hooves became much weaker then normal. Hence, the product didn’t work at all. With NAF his coat and hooves quickly became much better then normal. For those that haven’t used Biotine, it’s a supplement that is great for a horses with problem coats and hooves.

Based on this I quickly went back to NAF Biotine last week and I am already noticing changes, all his hairs are coming off again. And no, it’s not based on the weather as its been the same shitty weather for a while now.

I generally don’t like writing bad reviews, but when a product really doesn’t work as this one I don’t want other people to waste money on it. Mr. Grumpy and me will hold on to our NAF products instead from now on.

0 out of 5 grumpy horses for this product.