Dear Santa

It’s officially less then a month till christmas. Which means thats its less then a month till Santa comes around. There is a few things that I hope will lay under my christmas tree. Even if I need to buy it myself 😉

  1. Equiline Helm and boots bag

Since I hopefully will be starting competitions in January this bag would be perfect. They actually don’t sell it in the Netherlands as far as I could find, but you can find it online here.


2. Eskadron Platinum Sweat rug 

I’ve been wanting this rug since I first laid my eyes on the collection, but considering Mr.Grumpy has enough rugs from here to Tokyo I haven’t managed to find an excuse yet that would justify me buying it. Can be found here.


3. Eskadron Fetlock boots

I have the front leg versions of these ones, but not the backlegs hence why their on the list. Can be bought here.


4. Clincher browband

I don’t know how long I’ve looked for the right clincher browband and yet I haven’t found the perfect one that I want except for one that doesn’t get made anymore. But this one comes pretty close. Can be bought here(I didn’t come up with the price, I know its outrageous).


5. Schockemohle Colerado Stirrup leather

When I bought my saddle it came with new stirrups and stirrup leather. The only issue is that the leather is so useless, its really difficult to change the length if you are already sitting on the horse, so I am looking for some new ones. These ones from Schockemohle are pretty nice. Can be bought here.


6. Amerigo x Mattes dressage girth

In all honesty I should have just bought this one instead of the BR one, so now its on the christmas list(probably forever as I just realised the leather girth alone is 250 euro…). Love that it comes in black. The only thing is that you will have to buy the girth as well as the fur. Girth can be bought here and fur here.


So, that was my christmas list. Considering my family doesn’t have anything to do with horses, nor do they read this blog I will probably have to purchase it all by myself. haha.



The stable that Mr.Grumpy is staying at closes 3 weeks every summer for cleaning of the boxes and so. Most of the horses goes on vacation, but because Mr.Grumpy has bad hooves he cannot be outside and eat too much grass. So with a couple of other horses we are now left to our own at the stable. This also means we have no lessons, so today I was just practicing everything I’ve been learning the last few weeks. Since I was on vacation for two weeks the left canter issue came back again. So today I was riding loads of transitions to try to get it out. It’s still a bit there, but a lot better. 
I also took my new saddle pad from euro-star and the new half pad for a ride. Really like the color, except grey shows sweat really fast. 

Mr. grumpy is standing in a new box for a little now as they are cleaning his original box totally for the summer. Enjoying a little snuggle with his new neighbor Moonlight. 
Tomorrow it’s back to practicing left canter! 

Mattes half saddle pad 

About two months ago I got a new saddle. The only thing with it is that Mr.Grumpy needs very open shoulder space so that he can move properly, which means I need to use a saddle pad for it to fit perfectly. I already have the one from Mattes which has a fur edge around it, but it doesn’t fit properly in the back. So now I am on the lookout for the Mattes half saddle pad. So far I’ve only found one store that has it right now, so I don’t have to order it for weeks, but they say the size is universal which isn’t true. I need it in large, but wouldn’t know which size they have as it doesn’t say the size online. If you know where to get it, please let me know!