Head to the sand 

Today has been such a chill day. 

I finally got around to clean all my tack. So now everything is shiny and pretty again. I used to do it every Sunday, but fell out of the routine a bit over the last few months. Clean stuff, clean mind.

Wednesday means lungeday for Mr.Grumpy as usual. Since the sun was shining it was actually super nice to be outside. 

The last few months I’ve been working on him releasing/using his back and neck without having to use lungeaid. Today we started of with using it, and when he was warm enough I took it off again. To my surprise he released really quickly and moved a lot more suppled. 

This is his “typical” way of moving. Neck way to high and back being completely stiff. Below you can see where are now:

As he was a bit too slow today he wasn’t moving his behind part as well as he should. But it’s definitely improving and going forward. For some reason I find it super fun to see how he is improving and building more muscles. For some weird reason its giving me motivation to work out myself, as I always get demotivated when I don’t see the results. Who would have thought a horse was needed for that. Haha.

Hope you’ve had a nice day.


5 quick updates 

1. I’ve been sick for a week with longue infection, hence the bad updates. Finally getting better.

2. Mr.Grumpy got his saddle refitted today. So we are ready for the new year. 

3. I am Facebook free as of 1st of Jan, so if anyone is posting anything on my private wall, you won’t get any answers. 

4. Mr.Grumpy decided to bump his head again, so now he got nasty wounds on his face. Sometimes I really feel like he’s a goldfish and just keep doing things he knows he shouldn’t. 

5. Good news, it’s officially getting longer lighter everyday. How refreshing ain’t that? Haha 

We will be back stronger soon!  ✌🏻️


Outside fun 

After a week of 4 lessons indoors it was finally time to get some fresh air and ride outside. 

Now as most of you know I’m not the biggest hero outside,  but with some mental support from Louise and Wietske we had a nice ride. It always feels a bit better when your not totally alone in the arena. 

Mr.Grumpy seem to think it was nice to be outside as well and behaved accordingly. He even decided to canter when I wanted to on the left side, so thumbs up for that. As I believe in positive reinforcement I’m trying to thank him every time he does something good, which seems to be helping a little. For the rest we didn’t really focus on anything special, it was Sunday after all 😉 We ended the nice ride with a wind down in the little park beside the arena.

As we came back my little nephew came, so he had a little ride as well. It’s so cute to see how he smiles from ear to ear when he gets to ride. 

I didn’t think the new browband from schockemohle would fit, but it actually does.  At first I wanted one in gold, but as the rest of the tack is black with silver I went with silver this time around. 

Now, before we end this blog. Norway winning eurochampionship in handball. So good! 


Flying lungehelp 

I think Mr.Grumpy shares my thoughts regarding lunging and found out he had to bring some action to it.

As mentioned before I use a lungehelp while lunging him to make sure he uses his back properly. 

Like this one.

Today everything went fine, until he started cantering and in some miraclelous way, managed to get his foot over on one side so the whole thing got loose and started flying around him like a rocking ring. 

The lungehelp is connected to the bit, so for a second I got really scared he would step on it and pull out his entire mouth. But as gracious as the man is, he decide to stop and looked at me like I was a retard for putting this thing on him in the first place. Guess I got to tighten it a bit more next time.

I did the rest of the training without the help and he was doing really well. He is becoming more and more relaxed in his neck and back so towards the end he was freely walking with his head towards the sand. I really wish I could feel this excited about loosing wheight as well, I would have had a body like Doutzen right now. Haha

Other then that no more exciting things to report. Other than that I’ve been in bed since 10. Yep, I’m a total grandma. 

Have a nice evening.


So good 

Today Mr.Grumpy deserved carrots, musli and even slobber if I had had that after the ride we had.

He took the bit almost straight away and felt so awake and good. Yesterday we had a lesson where I learned to focus on what to do if someone came to close by with another horse, which I put to good use today in a very busy arena. As long as I’m reacting before Mr.Grumpy it’s fine. If not he turns into a angry kangaroo that starts moving really weirdly. At times it’s really annoying that people don’t realize that they ruin it for me when they ride too close by, but if I can turn his angry energy into good energy then it can be useful. 

After the ride I took the time to clean all his tack and my riding boots. Hadn’t dont it for a while, so it was much needed. I’ve also put his fur girth in the washing machine, so will have to see how that comes out of it again. Hopefully in one whole piece. 

Right now there is a storm hailing over the Netherlands so I’m going to spend the rest of this Sunday underneath a wool blanket with a cup of chai tea. 

Happy Sunday. 


How to make horseriding more affordable 

The other day my instructor (Mijn ruiter wereld) tipped me about THIS article on how to make horse riding more affordable.
Some really good tips in there, but here are my own:  

  • Private lessons – Taking a lot of private lessons can really become an expensive experience. However, they become cheaper if you do it with a friend or two. Ok, it won’t be you alone with an instructor anymore, but being two people is definitely better then being 11 as in a group lesson. And it gives you time to breath between the punches as well 😉

  • PreventionI truly believe in prevention rather then having to pay for after care. Take good care of your tack and rugs by cleaning them regularly. Buying a new saddle is a hell lot more expensive than buying a pot of leather conditioner.

  • SalesI love sales. I hardly buy anything for full price anymore as there is a sale around every corner. If it’s not autumn sale it’s Halloween sale or Black Friday sale, there is always some kinda sale on. I always wait till the end of the season and then I buy that Euro-Star saddle pad for 50% off. For example in the Netherlands, Divoza and Epplejeck have 25% off an item at least once a month. 25% becomes quite a lot if you have to buy a new rug or cap.
  • Stable equipment – For some dumb reason someone a long time ago decided that horse riding was going to be expensive so the stores could charge 10 euro more for a regular bucket then a normal store could. Never buy stable accessories at a horse store. Go to ikea or your normal home appliance store and you can buy it there for so much cheaper. Like buckets, brushes, cleaning cloths, towels, soap, baby wipes, hooks, plastic containers and so forth. 

  • Save or splurgejust like they tell you, you shouldn’t splurge on bodylotion as the expensive ones are the same as the cheap ones, certain things in the horse riding world is the same. Don’t splurge on halters, brushes, lunge ropes and fleece rugs as they will get dirty and nasty not matter how much money you spend on them(excluding leather halters).
  • Horse carrier – of course I would love to drive Mr. Grumpy around in one of those fancy horsecars(what’s the word for them?), but let’s face it. If you don’t have to take your horse somewhere more then a couple times a year, borrowing a horse carrier is a lot cheaper than owning one.

Hopefully these will make your horse life a bit more affordable to. If you got more tips, let me know. 

Steal of the week

I wish I would be horse riding right now, but instead I’m laying on the sofa like a half dead whale. Unfortunately the cold plague that is ruling the Netherlands at the moment found its next victim. 
But hey, the good thing about colds is that they generally go away and hopefully I’m then done for the year(crossing fingers and toes.haha) 
Anyway, enough about the cold and on to something more fun. In the Divoza package I received yesterday there were also a box with a pair of jodhpurs in it. I’ve been drooling over the ones from Petrie for a while, but never found my size so when I saw these for that price I decided to get them again. My last pair is the exact same model and they are really nice. They are made of real leather and the quality is good. For 37 euros one can’t really complain. You only have to go up one size as they run small. 

You can buy them at Divoza for 37.40,-. And if you’re like me and wear this type of boot as a fashion item, then just cut of the two “tags” and they can be worn with jeans and so forth as well. Saves quite a lot of money as the same model in real leather will cost you over 100 euro,-.

Don't be a fool, wear a helmet

Close to the stable Mr.Grumpy stays at there is a huge recreational area with a lot of smaller stables surrounding it. I often see many people from these go on hacks with their horses without a helmet on. Generally I think people should do whatever they want, considering its their health their messing with if they fall, however the other day on my hack I came across a riding school on a hack with 10 children and the instructor wasn’t wearing a helmet.

What on earth.

As an instructor your often a person that the children look up to and want to be like. This woman sitting on her horse not wearing a helmet disgusted me. Being such a bad role model. Can you image if this woman had to walk a bit on the asphalt, the horse gets scared, she falls off and the children have the possibility to witness a scattered brain on the pavement. While if she wore a helmet, she might actually be alright. With children involved I truly believe safety should come first.

During the Olympics in Rio the British dressage team decided to make a statement as they all wore helmet/hard hats instead of hats believing they would set a an example for everyone watching. I think its so great that someone on such a big podium tried to show the rest of the world that safety comes before fashion.


With all the different helmets on the market today, there really is no excuse. I could put in loads of disgusting photos of people having fallen of their horses without a helmet on, but I’ll save you the distress, you get the point.  Wear a helmet please.