How to lose weight fast 

For some reason my YouTube have started recommending me videos containing info on how to lose wheight fast. After a day like today where no food can stop my craving it feels kinda insulting that it’s doing that. Anyone been into my YouTube wanting to give me a hint or two? Haha 

Today I’ve literally not left the sofa beside  going to the fridge or toilet. I promised myself to take a full day off and after yesterday shenanigans it wasn’t like I could do anything else anyway. 

The last 12 hours has been spent on watching a clinic given by Carl Hester some years ago, but still very insightful on how to get those hind legs moving. I managed to find a new girth, which I ended up buying on a German site. Last time I did that I totally misunderstood what I was buying so hopefully that ain’t happening this time. I also found the browband I wanted on eBay. So now all horsy Christmas gifts are bought. Horse-shopping ban is back on. 

Mr.Grumpy had a day off today as well. I must honestly say it felt nice not having to go to the stable. Sometimes it good to take a step back to figure out what you want to do next. I’ll write another post on my goals for 2017.

On Friday we went outside after having a ride in the indoor arena. Inside he was a nightmare and wouldn’t go on the bit or listen to the leg, but outside he perked up. A bit too much for my taste, but we did manage to survive “super scary” goats, bird and a hawk. The hawk had decided to land on a branch of a tree and I had to ride 2 meters under it. I must admit I almost closed my eyes and prayed that it wouldn’t fly away just as we passed it. But it decided to stay put and Mr.Grumpy didn’t notice it luckily. I noticed it was good for him to be outside, so need to start forcing myself to do it more in the future. 

Totally random post,  but who cares, it’s Sunday. Have a nice eve.


Turning circles 

Today was the normal lunge day for Mr.Grumpy. At the moment he is being lunged twice a week so that he get his movement in without putting pressure on his back. 

I was all excited that that I was going to film how he is moving now compared to a couple of months ago. Unfortunately someone with blonde hair forgot that it would be really dark outside before I even managed to get to the stable. So the video will have to wait. 

He is overall moving a lot better at the moment. Once a week I do it with lungehelp and once a week not so that he will learn to relax his neck without help. So far we are moving closer to the ground(his head that is) every week, which is really interesting to see. As I couldn’t take any photo of it, here is a little vitamin tips instead. 

During the summer Mr.Grumpy became a hairy monster and I didn’t understand why. One of the things I changed was his biotine vitamins. I came across the brand Equistro on the vlogs of Jill Huijbreghts. I’ve also seen it work it’s wonder on another horse at the stable.  Nowadays Mr.Grumpy looks so good and the hairs are kept at a minimum plus his hoofs are so much better. 

You can buy it at several stores in the Netherlands, but you can find it the cheapest at Agradi. One pot costs 48euro, which seems a lot, but it lasts for two months instead of one month like most vitamin pots. 


Freezing nosetip 

Today when laying far underneath my woolen blanket after dinner, I really felt like raising the white flag and just wave “it’s to bloody cold to go outside, I’m staying underneath here.”

Unfortunately owning a horse comes with some responsibilities. So after a bit of nagging I managed to get up and into the car. It is bloody cold tough. Mr.Grumpy is currently wearing a 450 gram stable rug together with a 300 gram neck. Even he was so cold today he didn’t flinch an eye when I put it on him again after training. Generally he goes into full diva mode and if your standing at the wrong position you’ll get a tooth or two into you. But today he was like hell yes, bring on the blanket. Ok, he didn’t actually say or portray that, but would be cool if he did. Haha 

He even has a thicker neck on than this right now, but didn’t have a photo of it. 

Lesson went so so, he was very frisky and strong, wouldn’t really take the bit that easy. I have an ugly tendency to become extremely stiff in my shoulders when he does that and I also forget to breath at the same time. Awesome combo. I’m currently very good at holding my breath, which we all know is a very useful competency to have. 

As it was way to cold to hang around at the stable I hurried home to lay underneath my blanket again. Spending some time with my new little kitten. She’s so adorable! 

Now we can celebrate that the “worst day” of the week is almost over 😉 onto the rest of it! 


Hoofies stickers 

When I came to the stable today someone showed me this new trend that I had never heard of. Hoofies stickers. 
It all lays in the name, it’s stickers that you put on the hoofs of your horse and they come in all kind of colors and prints. I must honestly say it’s not totally my thing, but I can imagine kids would love it. Specially if you have one you can draw on, perfect for kids parties. 

Would you do it? 
For those in the Netherlands, you can buy them at Epplejeck.

Sunny day 

Since it was such beautiful weather outside today me and Mr.Grumpy enjoyed some time in the sun and just chilled.
After he’d been rolling around in the sand and had some suntanning outside I decided to go for a walk instead of putting him in the walker. Can you imagine if us human beings were put in walkers? Must be so boring to walk in circles all the time.. Anyhow we just had a nice little walk outside and Mr.Grumpy was in a really nice mood and walking well. It seems that he is finally coming back to life from his little dip which is so nice to see. His fur is shining again and I just got a message from his other love that he did really well while riding today as well. So happy that it’s going in the right direction. When he had his dip I really thought it was the end of it all, but then again, I’m way to dramamom and need to chill out. Thankfully I have no children on my own, I would be the worst. Haha 


Gina Tricot Equestrian Collection 

A lot of product talk today, but this is coming from my home turf, so I’ve got an excuse. 
Gina tricot is probably not known for most outside of Scandinavia. They have loads of stores there and a few in Germany I believe. They are mostly known for their everyday affordable fashion which you can buy online from all over the world.
In Sweden they are also quite big in the equestrian scene and sponsors several huge events every year including some riders. This year in corporation with the Elmia Scandinavian horse show they have brought out a affordable equestrian collection including some typical horse riding clothes as well as more fashion forwarded pieces. The pieces you see below will be sold exclusively online or at the horse show 26 till 30th of October. 

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