Jumping jack doll 

Oh how time flies when you’re busy. 

Two days I’ve gone by without me being able to update the blog. 

Let’s start of with yesterday. When I came to the stable I noticed that Mr.Grumpy was coughing a lot. After checking his stable I quickly realized that it was because of the new hay. He is very sensitive to such things. But I was adviced to still ride so on we went.

Have you ever had the feeling of sitting on your horse like a jumping jack doll? Yesterday my arms and legs were literally flying everywhere. Mr.Grumpy was moving really well though and we did our first proper travers together, which was a lot of fun. I love learning those stuff. Mr. Grumpy did cough a lot in the beginning, but after a while it stopped. 

Don’t know what a jumping jack doll is? Here you go:

Just imagine my head on top of that bear. 

Today I wanted to redeem myself a little as my head wasn’t all there during yesterday’s ride, so today I focused on keeping arms and legs where they should be. Mr.Grumpy was extremely slow in the beginning, but after a while he got more loose and forward thinking. 

He still has that nasty cough so today I put him on some medicine so hopefully it will be gone soon. He sounded a bit more droggy/slimey today, but hopefully it won’t get worse. Before I leave the stable I always make sure to do his stretches. Today he was his lovely self before doing them:

Hence the name of this blog. Haha


Hay castles and counter canter

When you have a smart horse you continuously have to outsmart them. Mr. Grumpy is one of those horses. For a while now he has been making a fool of me when it comes to the left canter. Either he would decide to just stop or he would start to counter canter. Because he knew that I would then have to slow down and start again. Now that I’ve finally started to react quicker and pushing the right buttons he does the “correct” canter more or less from the beginning. The last half year he has been trying me out on so many things, but the canter has been my biggest annoyance. Now that we finally are becoming a team it feels so good!

Today his box was completely cleaned out and filled with new hay. For some reason it seems that he wants to save it as he pushes it all to one corner making a hay castle. Kinda cute.