Felix Bühler Anatomical pro 


Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. 

I know that loads of people have become obsessed with the Horseware Micklem lately. The bridle that is supposed to be a lot better for horses head and give less pressure. As the price of that bridle is pretty steep, I thought I would let you know about this one. Felix Bühler Anatomical pro bridle which at the moment costs 99.95 euro over at Kramer. Definitely worth checking out if you find the Micklem to expensive. 


Saddle pads for under 30 euro

What a chill Saturday. I’ve not done much more then go to the super marked, cleaned my breeches and watched loads of television. Right now im watching the horse whisperer, so cute.

While watching I was searching around the web for some cheap saddle pads and came across all of these for less then 30 euro.Links can be found below.

saddle pads.jpg

  1. BR Event – 23 euro
  2. Showmaster Eco Star – 19.90 euro
  3. Showmaster St.Moritz – 27.95 euro
  4. Showmaster Samira– 27.95 euro
  5. Felix Buhler Amira – 27.90 euro
  6. Hooks Europe – 29 euro
  7. Global Italy – 29.95
  8. Showmaster Rondo – 23.95 euro
  9. BR 4ever Havana – 23.96 euro