The week that went by 


So I guess it’s right what they say. The older you get the faster the time goes. The weeks are currently flying by. 

so update Grumpy:

The last couple of weeks I’ve worked a lot on the lunge to make him stronger on his left side. The left side has always been a weak point for him, so he would always have a bit of trouble going into left center. But now my friends, I’ve worked so hard on it that his right side is becoming weak……. dang. Haha. 

Due to him becoming stronger on that side my left arm is currently dying while riding. For some dumb reason I completely put it on lock when I ride and get cramps. So thinking of planning in some private lessons next week to see if I can get rid of it before the whole arm falls off. Making a horse straight is really an art on its own.  

I’m also realizing I’m really happy I don’t have children cause Grumpy is getting fat. Yep, I’m a feeder, I’m admitting it. Luckily it’s a lot easier making Grumpy move then children, so the next weeks he is going on a diet to get back in shape. I did buy a “light” candy, which is good for horses that easily get laminitis though. Grumpy seems to love it(who am I fooling, he eats anything eatable), but if you are looking for a better option, this is the one. 

Last, but not least. Grumpy finally got to go on the land today together with his boyfriend Tristan. It’s so funny to see how good friends they are and enjoy hanging out together. He still haven’t figured out that he can eat through the mask so he just walks around saying hi to the other horses. 

Now it’s time for trash tv and chai tea. 

Hope you’ll have a great weekend.