HV Polo correction pro top

Ola Ola,

It’s innovation time again. This time it’s coming from HV Polo with their correction pro top.

This top is meant to remind you to keep your shoulders back and your back straight with putting a slight pressure on it.


I’ll be the first to admit that I could use something like that. Whether or not it works I don’t dare to say, but my favorite breeches are from the HV polo pro range, so I know the top will definitely be of good quality. It comes in a breathable material and is figure slimming for those of us with a few extra pounds.

Can be bought at Epplejeck for 70 euro. There is a normal version as well as a show version.

Have you tried it? Does it work?


Tiny bit wet 

The best part with being an horse owner, must be when you’ve stood half an hour in the pouring rain looking at your horse running in circles. You’re both soaking wet and as you finish the sun starts shining. Seriously…

That’s what happened to us today. Thanks weatherman, we both enjoyed it. 

As Mr. Grumpy looked like a wet cat when we were done he got 20 minutes under the solarium. As he knew his food was served back in his box he was being a very impatient sunman. 

On Monday the veterinarian is coming to look at his back and if needed to give him a massage. It’s a preventive measure I’ve decided to take to make sure he stays good as long as possible. It always makes me a bit nervous though as I just want to know that everything is OK. In yesterday’s lesson it was like he had fire under his hooves, so he seems to be well and fit at the moment. We will have to wait and see. Keep your thumbs up for us! 

By the way, if you need a cheap rain jacket, this one from Kingsland is seriously such a savior in bad weather. I bought mine on sale for 20€. 



Freezing nosetip 

Today when laying far underneath my woolen blanket after dinner, I really felt like raising the white flag and just wave “it’s to bloody cold to go outside, I’m staying underneath here.”

Unfortunately owning a horse comes with some responsibilities. So after a bit of nagging I managed to get up and into the car. It is bloody cold tough. Mr.Grumpy is currently wearing a 450 gram stable rug together with a 300 gram neck. Even he was so cold today he didn’t flinch an eye when I put it on him again after training. Generally he goes into full diva mode and if your standing at the wrong position you’ll get a tooth or two into you. But today he was like hell yes, bring on the blanket. Ok, he didn’t actually say or portray that, but would be cool if he did. Haha 

He even has a thicker neck on than this right now, but didn’t have a photo of it. 

Lesson went so so, he was very frisky and strong, wouldn’t really take the bit that easy. I have an ugly tendency to become extremely stiff in my shoulders when he does that and I also forget to breath at the same time. Awesome combo. I’m currently very good at holding my breath, which we all know is a very useful competency to have. 

As it was way to cold to hang around at the stable I hurried home to lay underneath my blanket again. Spending some time with my new little kitten. She’s so adorable! 

Now we can celebrate that the “worst day” of the week is almost over 😉 onto the rest of it! 


Dear Santa

It’s officially less then a month till christmas. Which means thats its less then a month till Santa comes around. There is a few things that I hope will lay under my christmas tree. Even if I need to buy it myself 😉

  1. Equiline Helm and boots bag

Since I hopefully will be starting competitions in January this bag would be perfect. They actually don’t sell it in the Netherlands as far as I could find, but you can find it online here.


2. Eskadron Platinum Sweat rug 

I’ve been wanting this rug since I first laid my eyes on the collection, but considering Mr.Grumpy has enough rugs from here to Tokyo I haven’t managed to find an excuse yet that would justify me buying it. Can be found here.


3. Eskadron Fetlock boots

I have the front leg versions of these ones, but not the backlegs hence why their on the list. Can be bought here.


4. Clincher browband

I don’t know how long I’ve looked for the right clincher browband and yet I haven’t found the perfect one that I want except for one that doesn’t get made anymore. But this one comes pretty close. Can be bought here(I didn’t come up with the price, I know its outrageous).


5. Schockemohle Colerado Stirrup leather

When I bought my saddle it came with new stirrups and stirrup leather. The only issue is that the leather is so useless, its really difficult to change the length if you are already sitting on the horse, so I am looking for some new ones. These ones from Schockemohle are pretty nice. Can be bought here.


6. Amerigo x Mattes dressage girth

In all honesty I should have just bought this one instead of the BR one, so now its on the christmas list(probably forever as I just realised the leather girth alone is 250 euro…). Love that it comes in black. The only thing is that you will have to buy the girth as well as the fur. Girth can be bought here and fur here.


So, that was my christmas list. Considering my family doesn’t have anything to do with horses, nor do they read this blog I will probably have to purchase it all by myself. haha.


Sunny day 

Since it was such beautiful weather outside today me and Mr.Grumpy enjoyed some time in the sun and just chilled.
After he’d been rolling around in the sand and had some suntanning outside I decided to go for a walk instead of putting him in the walker. Can you imagine if us human beings were put in walkers? Must be so boring to walk in circles all the time.. Anyhow we just had a nice little walk outside and Mr.Grumpy was in a really nice mood and walking well. It seems that he is finally coming back to life from his little dip which is so nice to see. His fur is shining again and I just got a message from his other love that he did really well while riding today as well. So happy that it’s going in the right direction. When he had his dip I really thought it was the end of it all, but then again, I’m way to dramamom and need to chill out. Thankfully I have no children on my own, I would be the worst. Haha 


Swedish Horse blogs

When it comes to horse blogs it seems that the swedes come up far beyond the rest of us. They really know how to post great articles and amazing images, makes me super inspired. Below are some of the ones I read on a daily basis.

Linn Olsson
Linn olssonLinn olsson 2
Nina Rademaker 
nina2Nina rademarker
Ingrid Skoog
skoog 1
Liina Dolk
Liinaliina 2
Johanna Grant
johanna grantjohanna grant 2
Nellie Berntsson
nellienelli 2

There is a first for everything.

Woohoo first blog post.

So who is that grumpy horse?

After 3 years riding at a stable on different “stable horses” I decided it was time to buy my own. Looking back I probably would have advised myself to wait a bit so I could learn more about horses before buying one, however my stubborn self decided it was time, so half a year ago Mr. grumpy walked into my life.

Mr grumpy is my sweet 15 year old Zangersheide gelding(x Artos Z) who has a slight tendency to become grumpy if there is something happening that he doesn’t like. He specially hates most other horses as well as rugs. If he didn’t become such a fluffy hairy bear in the winter I would let him stand “naked” all year around.

He is bred as a jumping horse, but we do dressage together as he turns a big cray cray if he has to jump. Unfortunately something happened in his past that made him really scared of jumping, but as I’m not a jumping hero either we fit well together. Even tough we go through life arguing a lot I couldn’t imagine life without him. He makes me laugh everyday.

The last half year has gone by in a whirlwind, and I’ve certainly been on the speed train when it comes to learning about horse handling. As I don’t want to forget everything I’ve learned and our journey together I’ve set up this blog as a online diary. Hopefully we will start our first dressage competition this summer.