Same Same, but different – Jodhpurs

So its time for another round of Same Same, but different. This time I’ve found two pairs of jodhpurs who are basically identical to each other, except for the price and brand of course.

The Harry’s horse smart airsystem can be bought HERE.

The Ariat heritage lace paddock 4lr can be bought HERE.
Both jodhpurs come in cow leather, shock absorbing, airy and waterproof(as far as leather boots are waterproof that is).  But as you can see the price is pretty different at 90,- versus 160,- euro. In this round I actually think the version from Harry’s Horses win, I think it looks just a tad bit sleeker in a way. Which would you choose?

Preparing for the rain 

Currently Mr.Grumpy has to warm up in the walker before riding as it makes his muscles and back looser before you put your wheight on him. Of course this is no problem in the summer when the sun is shining, but having to do it in the winter when it’s poring down is another story. 
So I had a think about what rug I could put on him while he warmed up. Generally I saddle him up before so both he and the saddle gets a bit warmed up. The only issue with that is that a saddle generally don’t fit under a turnout rug and you’ll end up ruining your saddle. I even had a laugh with some ladies at the stable the other day that I probably would have to make my own rug. I was even considering doing it, but then I came across the rug below: 

At first I laughed it off, but it’s actually everything I need. The saddle fits perfectly under it and for 10 min in the walker it’s more then good enough. And the best thing about it? It was 11 euro at Agradi. 11 euro and then I even got a free magic brush with it. Oh happy days. 

I have a similar rain coat for myself so now we can match. How cute. Haha 
Since I was already ordering I also made sure to order new gloves. The ones I have literally smelled like rotten fish(sexy hey)and was full of holes so it was time for new ones. 

Ariat tek grip gloves. 
The only ones that doesn’t give me loose tips on the end of my fingers. Can’t stand when that happens. My cat found them highly interesting as well, she wouldn’t go out of the photo. 

Ariat Tek Grip gloves

I’ve stood in several equestrian stores and tried on gloves after gloves. Unfortunately because I have rather small hands a lot of the gloves out there doesn’t fit me, yes even the Roeckl doesn’t fit me. I can’t stand when there is a piece of fabric left over at the tip of your fingers. After a lot of searching I came across the Tek Grip from Ariat. These fit me like a glove literally, haha, they also have a winter version which is great if you do a lot of outdoor riding.

So if you got small hands like me, you should definitely check these out. They go for a about 35 euro, you can buy them here and here. Both sites have 25 and 21% off the price of a product of your choice this weekend, so then they become a bit cheaper.