Horse dentist

Ola ola,

Today Grumpy has done what his owner really dislikes. He has been to the dentist.

Let’s just say that we are pretty similar in that department, neither me nor him likes the dentist very much.

As I mentioned the other day, this time I had gone for a real horse dentist, after I found out the last one isn’t really a real one. He can only clean a horses mouth, but not totally fix it.

After the dentist had checked Grumpy’s teeth, he decided that Grumpy needed sedation as he wouldn’t be able to fix the teeth without it.

The minute he saw the needle he tried to run away, but with 3 people we managed to hold him so that the dentist could set it. After that he quickly got slow so that we could get started.

When I bought Grumpy, he had a overbit. His top teeth went slightly over his down teeth. I must honestly say I had no idea this could impact his whole jaw and mouth. I was told by the vet that did the check up when I bought him that this would need to be fixed, but when I told the then said dentist, he said it was not needed so it was never dealt with. Most likely because he was not able to do it with an electric file which only real dentists are allowed to use and he knew it would take to much time with a non electrical one.

This overbit meant that Grumpy could not properly move his jaw. The minute the dentist fixed it, he could move it 4/5 cm further then before. For the rest he fixed some back teeth that will enable Grumpy to use his jaw a lot better then before which should have a great impact on our riding.

I’m actually quite embarrassed of myself as an owner. If I had known that this would have such an impact on him, I would have gone to a proper dentist a long time ago. But lesson learnt. From now on I will only go to dentists that are able to sedate and treat horses with an electric file, cause otherwise you are not able to totally fix everything.

It was funny to watch Grumpy afterwards. As he kept moving his jaw and feeling his teeth.


How to get rid of mud fever 


Oh you guys. By the end of my life, if I keep going by this rate, I can probably call myself a veterinarian. I’ve completely lost count of how many pages I’ve read about mud fever(Mok) and grease heels. 

I started off reading Dutch websites, but for some reason the Dutch can’t seem to agree on anything mud fever so you’ll find 50 different answers. So I decided to check out the English and the American, luckily their slightly more updated on this topic. So here is my Do’s and Dont’s.


  • Wash the heels one time only with anti bacterial shampoo. Make sure you clean your hands in between switching legs. Mud fever transfers easily from one to another. Once done, dry legs completely. Don’t repeat this  more than once. 
  • Keep the legs dry at all costs. Grumpy had to stay inside for two weeks to be able to battle it. If they have to get wet, make sure you dry them at least once a day. Bacteria’s thrive when the legs are wet. 
  • Use a cream or spray with Sulphur(zwavel) in it. Sulphur kills bacteria’s and stimulates growth of the skin. And keep on putting it on. Day and night if needed. Not doing it will mean one step back. 
  • Make sure the stable is as clean as possible. Pee and poop are bacteria’s best friends. Especially pee is extremely bad for mud fever. 
  • Use mud fever pills and vitamins to fight the mud fever from within. 
  • Go on short walks with your Horse to keep the bloodstream going as this will help with recovery time. 


  • People seem to think you need to scratch of the scabs(kortsjes). DONT. They will fall off in due time if you treat it correctly. The only thing you do by scratching is making wounds and hurting your Horse immensely. 
  • Do not put your hand in the pot of cream and smear all four legs in one go. The only thing you do by doing that is transferring the mud fever from one leg to another. Clean your hands before moving to the next leg. 
  • Don’t put cream on a half dry leg. Then your only locking the bacteria’s in and your horse will probably be worse the next day.
  • Don’t be lazy. Mud fever is not fixed in one day, but if you keep being lazy and don’t clean, dry and smear the legs it will never go away and only get worse. 

It’s really not rocket science. Keeping dry, kill the bacteria’s and smearing is all it needs. 

So in my fight against mud fever, I tried out several products and some ended up working really well. Links to shops in the name. 

Frama – Easy mok spray

This is a pure Sulphur spray and was the only thing I felt truly penetrated the scabs and removed them. The spray itself is useless so i poured it into a cloth and used that instead. It’s cheap and works really well. E


The good old nappy cream. Many people swear by this one for mud fever and I like it too. It’s pretty cheap and easy to smear on the legs. The only thing is that it makes the heels really greasy. 

NAF – mud barrier cream

This cream contains a lot of great ingredients against mud fever like Sulphur, tea tree oil, msm+++ It’s very easy to smear and I feel like it penetrates the scabs well. It’s a lot more liquidy then a normal cream so the only issue was that because grumpy stands on shavings these would easily get stuck to his legs and they would become very dirty. This cream can be used prematurely throughout the whole year and keeps the dirt out as it’s “waterproof”.The pot seems very expensive, but it’s huge. 

Mok cure 

Last , but not least Grumpy got pills against the mud fever. I can’t say for sure if these helped, but I did feel the recovery went quicker once I started giving them. Online you can find loads of raving reviews about them. 

If you are battling the same thing, good luck. If you have never had it, be quick if your horse ends up getting it. It will save you a lot of heartache and money. 


5 tips for equestrian youtubers


Lately I’ve found myself watching a lot more vlog’s and youtube content than normal tv. For some reason I find short clips from real people more interesting then the fake stuff on tv nowadays. I really like Casey Neistat, Fleur de Force, Life of Riley and Jon Olssen just to name a few when it comes to lifestyle.

There is also a lot of equestrian youtubers popping up as well. Personally I think this is great for the industry as a whole. It means that the younger generation have a voice as well. In the Netherlands I like to follow Jill Huijbregts, Anne & Lotte Meulendijks and Danielle van Mierlo. I also check out Montana O, Jet Eventing, Hannah Lucy and Hailey Hart which are all in English.

The first vloggers I mentioned are professional ones that earn millions on this a year. Overall the equestrian vloggers I’ve come a cross are good, but I have noticed a couple of common mistakes that is being made that is so easy to avoid. So here you got 5 tips on how to make your videos better.

  1. Microphone muff

A lot of equestrian content is created outside. I wonder how many videos I’ve watched with people talking outside and you can’t hear it because you only hear the wind blow. This is so easily fixed with a microphone muff/windscreen. Go youtube that shit or read about it here.


Flying the nest

2. Editing hero

As a starting out youtuber you might not think that editing the videos are so important. You just want to make content, but learning how to use programs like Final cut pro and Adobe Premier pro can really raise the bar of your content. People like watching refined content and you’ll grow your fanbase faster as well. Making sure you got a template ready makes it easier to implement on your videos as well. Intro with logo as well as outro is a must. Watch Life or Ryan as an example of great editing.

3. Tripod provides stability

There is a reason why most professional vloggers use a small tripod while vlogging. It provides stability so that the videos doesn’t shake which is quite annoying to watch, I can even get seasick if the video moves to much, haha. It also makes the camera a lot easier to hold and also put down if you need to film from further away.


Janni Deler

4. Don’s swear

This might come as a surprise to many, but there is a reason why professional vloggers beep out words like F#ck and BS. The reason for this is that Youtube can label your video as inappropriate which again means it won’t show up in the search bar if people search for something that can be found in your video or people under 18 is not allowed to watch it. So either don’t swear or beep it out while editing.

5. Don’t use copyrighted music

Want to earn money on your videos? Then stop using that music made by Rihanna, Beyonce and so forth. Why? This is copyrighted music which means that someone else owns the right to the songs which again means that they will earn money on your videos.   There is a bunch of sites that provides music you can use for free in your videos, like this for example.

My largest pet peeve when watching videos is when someone doesn’t use the Microphone muffs, so hopefully now there will be less of this. haha


No more hats in Swedish dressage 

The national Swedish dressage commity has decided that from 2017 and onwards you are only allowed to wear an approved helmet while doing dressage competitions. It will no longer be allowed to use hats. 

As a pro cap person I truly believe this is one of the steps forward to make horse riding more secure. Accidents can happen to the best of us, just like Morgan Barbancon when her horse got scared and she got dragged head first over the pavement as her horse ran away. Pretty sure you would wish you had a cap on if that happened to you. 

Go Sweden!


How to make lunging more interesting and fun

I for one is one of those that find lunging rather boring. Specially when you stand there in the poring rain and all you wish is to be back home on your sofa. However there are ways to make lunging more fun and interesting, so I trailed through the internet and asked on Instagram to see what different ways there were and found the list below. However before you start trying out these ways, please consult with a professional if you don’t feel you have enough knowledge to do it alone for the first time.


1. Poles

Laying poles on the ground will make sure your horse will liften up his legs and use his back more. This is also a great way to train balance, rhythm and for example starting to teach piaffe if you do dressage. Many Grand Prix rides use these techniques to better the horses movements. I would love to do this with Mr.Grumpy as it would benefit his back greatly , but unfortunately he doesn’t approve of poles.

Tegan Jan blog - 2

Photo source.

2. Cavalettis

Cavalettis is more or less the same as using poles, but it will lift the pole from the ground. This means the horse needs to use his legs and back which in return will strengthen them greatly. You can for example use Cavalettis to teach a horse to jump better, like for example when to jump or to slow down before a jump. This one is a great muscle builder for your horse and on google you can find loads of ways on how to set them up, I found this link pretty useful.

3. Go backwards

I never thought about this one before I heard about it from a stable mate. Ask your horse to go backwards on the lunge, this will strengthen his backlegs and back, but don’t do it too much as its a strainious exercise for the horse.

4. Walk to canter transition

Another one that seems very logical, make your horse do a walk to canter transition while lunging. This will show you if the horse really listens to you or not, plus its a good back strengthen exercise.

5. Without a rope

Before doing this one, make sure you have a round arena to use, otherwise it might be very difficult the first couple of times. You can do lunging without having a lead rope attached. I usually do this when we want to have more fun and when I want him to run more freely. The first five minutes he won’s listen at all, but when he finally does its a lot of fun.


6. Up the hill

As I live in the flatlands this is a bit difficult to do, but if you have a hill close by you could potentially lunge your horse half part hill and half part flat ground. This will train his “ass” a lot. Be careful not to go to fast as you don’s the horse to slide and fall.


Photo source – Ride magazine

There are also other ways to train your horse on the lunge like Pessoa and double line lunging, but as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t appreciate such tools I decided to take them out of this list, however it might be useful for your horse. If you have any other tips and tricks I could add to the list, feel free to let me know.

To hot to handle 

While the eventing horses all seemed pretty easy to handle and went through the vet-check gracefully, some of the dressage horses seemed to hot to handle:

There is no Norwegian rider, so guess Patrik Kittel will have to be my man. Looking at this photo I’m sure he will win… Haha 

Most of them are also wearing normal sporting clothes compared to the eventers who most of them looked super fancy. However the Netherlands knows what’s up: 

Edward Gal – Glock’s Voice 

Adelinde Corneliussen – Parzival 
Lastly we got the Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin – Valegro from 2012 together with her instructor Carl Hester and Nip tuck. 

As I like the riding style of Charlotte Dujardin best of all of the above my bet is on her. 

Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro 

At first glance, Valegro isn’t a horse that I typical would fall for. He seems a bit small and clumsy, but once you see Charlotte riding him he turns into this superstar. 
I came across THIS Interview in the New Yorker about where she came from and her and Valegro’s journey together. Definitely worth a read if you find her interesting. I’m secretly hoping she will win in Rio. It would be so well deserved. 
Secretly in hoping that Lelegro, Valegro’s brother just got sold to Hester on Saturday. I guess we will just have to wait and see where he ended up. 

10 tips on buying your first horse

When I started looking for a horse I read many sites up and down to gather information on what would be the best horse for me. The outcome was that I really got the one that I wanted with the behaviour and knowledge that I wanted. Lately I’ve seen a lot of horse riders surrounding me buying horses that simply isn’t what they should buy. We all know that horses come with different breeds, looks, characters, and behaviour. Some people really think they can change the horse, and then they realise after a year that their knowledge wasn’t enough to do so and they end up selling the horse again. So here are my 10 tips when buying your first horse.


First time trying out Mr.Grumpy.

1. Take your time

It took me about 6 months to find the right one. I was searching many sites online and talked to a bunch of people in my surroundings to be able to find the one that was right for me. So please take your time and don’t buy the first one you see just because you think there is no other one. There is a bunch of horses out there, so take your time slowly and make sure the horse is the right fit. In the end my instructor found Mr.Grumpy for me as she was informed by the stable he now stands at that he was for sale.

2. Bring someone with you with loads of knowledge of horses

This point is extremely important. If its your first horse and you’ve never gone together with someone buying one before, make sure you bring someone with you with a lot of knowledge. They can first hand see if the horse is healthy, if he walks well and overall if you are a fit together. I brought my instructor with me and she straight away saw that we were good together.

3. Test the horse several times

I tried out Mr.Grumpy twice and went to a competition to check him out before I bought him. Especially if you are trying out several different horses in the same time period you should test the horse several times to make sure you are making the right decision. For all you know the owner could have lunged the horse before you came to make sure it was calm when you got there. An extra tips on this one is to show up 10-5 minutes to early to have a look around and check out if they are doing something with the horse before you arrive. Unfortunately some stables do drugs their horses before people come to test them, therefore its also important to try it twice to make sure its the right fit.


Checking him out at a competition. 

4. Age and Character

The general saying is that you shouldn’t buy a young horse if you’re a novice rider. The more knowledge you have the younger you can go. The reason for this is because if you have  big strong horse that doesn’t listen to you when you ride him it can be fatale. If you don’t have the knowledge to ride in a horse or teach him things, then make sure you get one that already has the knowledge. Otherwise you will have to get a hell lot of lessons to make sure you both learn the right things. The same goes for character, don’t buy a super hot/forward horse if you are a bit afraid, or a horse that bucks a lot if you don’t know how to deal with it.

I was looking for a horse that already had the knowledge I didn’t possess, that was calm, and wouldn’t buck me off the second I did something wrong. Hence why I ended up with a 14 year old horse that till now hasn’t done anything to throw me off. And the best thing, he has thought me so much. Don’t be afraid to choose something a bit older if it means you will learn a lot. It will give you some much back compared to one you will fall off every lesson.

5. Don’t go for looks and price

We all know it, horses are beautiful creatures, and its easy to fall in love with them. However, just because a horse is beautiful doesn’t mean you should buy it. For all you know you might be bucked off for the next 10 times you ride it because he is too hot for you. So don’t let the looks fool you, there will be a beautiful horse out there with the right character for you. Same goes for the price of the horse, just because it costs 15000 euro doesn’t mean its an amazing horse, the seller decides the price, so make sure that if you don’t have the knowledge concerning the price a horse should be, bring someone with you who does.

6. Don’t believe the great stories

One thing I learned when looking for a horse was that many sellers make great stories, I think their even worse then car salesman. “no, this horse never ever bucks”, “a kid can ride him”, “yes, he can do a pirouette “. Don’t believe this before you have tested the horse yourself. They want to sell the horse as much as you want to buy it.


First time lunging Mr.Grumpy.

7. Don’t go for good papers

For some people its important that their horses have good papers as its make them feel more privileged. Here in the Netherlands the stallion Jazz is really well know and has been breed with a lot. For some  reason people seem to automatically think that every horse with him as father is great. Unfortunately thats not how it works. If you can’t see if the horse is a good walker by yourself, bring someone with you that can. By the way, there are great horses out there without papers too!

8. If you don’t have enough money, save some more

Unfortunately horses are expensive. Some people think that they can have a budget of 3000 euro and have a walking wonder that at the same time behaves like a god. Unfortunately most horses that walk wonders that doesn’t have something wrong with it doesn’t come in that price range. If you notice that the horses you want don’t come in your  price range, go ahead and save some more. A good friend of mine bought one for 2500 with good papers and crossed her fingers the horse would be great. 6 months in the horse has been operated 3 times and she had to buy a new one. Of course you can be really lucky, but the chances are slim.

9. A horse costs much more then just buying it

Before I got Mr.Grumpy I set up a budget to make sure I had enough money for everything, however I blew it fast. Lucky for me I had some money left over, but having a horse is far more expensive than buying a horse. Make sure to set up a budget of the monthly costs so you won’t be surprised when you finally have one. Make sure you have enough money for vet checks, tack hauls, food, stabling, shoes and your own product.

10. Get a thorough vet check

I cannot express enough how important this is! Make sure you get the horse trough a thorough vet check before you buy it. You don’t want to end up with a horse that has kissing spine or other serious injuries because you didn’t check it when you bought it. A one time vet check can save you a lot of dollars in the future so make sure you get one. Make sure that you get to decide which vet check him, as some sellers have their own vets who they make deals with on beforehand to not tell you everything they should.


First day owning Mr.Grumpy

And last, but not least, have fun with it. Hope some of these tips will help you, good luck!