Sri Lanka part 2

Ola ola,

Pffft, I must admit that was a bit of a long night. I laid awake for most of the night listening to noises from the outside, making sure I heard if anything would happen…

If I said that these attacks didn’t affect me, I would be lying. Preferably I would stay in the hotel room the entire day, but I try to remind myself that you cannot let these people stop your life.

The hotel has been very nice and communicative with us, making sure we feel as safe as possible. They were meant to have a wedding of 150 people yesterday which got canceled, so today the hotel is a bit of a ghost town. In total I’ve seen 5 couples or so.

What’s been interesting is the information we have gotten from our two governments. Me from Norway is being told that I shouldn’t be spending time in Sri Lanka if it’s not necessary, while the Dutch government says that everyone can go here if they want, but to keep ears and eyes open. In Norway I would also get my return ticket refunded if I choose to go early, while in the Netherlands not. So who to believe in this case? The over caring mom or the nonchalant son telling you to live your life?

I’ve yet to decide for myself.

We are on to day 2 of no social media now, with no information on when it will be unblocked. Probably I won’t have access to any of it before I land on Dutch soil again. I had a little breakdown during the night were we started looking for tickets to go home early, but as of now we are keeping to the original schedule. The airport is a nightmare today, and if they want to hit again that’s definitely one of the spots. For now we are spending time reading books and watching bad movies, hoping time will go by fast.

I can’t wait to cuddle my little zoo again.


Sri Lanka

Ola Ola,

At the moment I am meant to enjoy my vacation on Sri Lanka, but am sat on the hotel room with no access to social media and no wish to go outside.

Yesterday evening we were a bit tired of spending time at the resort, so we asked the reception to book us a taxi to go to Colombo. The taxi service told us that the traffic jam was so heavy that he advised to go another day. In the end we ended up calling a Tuk Tuk who would take us to the closest super market to buy some necessities.

After a minute ride the driver stops and asks us in very broken English if it was ok to drive by his house. He needed to pick up something. I was a bit shocked, but said ok. As I said it, all my alarm bells started ringing as I had no idea what to expect.

We drove a bit further and pull up to this cute little house, with his dog and son running around. The driver disappears into his house, but quickly comes back with two new umbrellas that he wanted us to have as it’s rain season here. I immediately feel very guilty for always being so skeptical towards people.

He then takes us on a road trip around Negombo. Shows us several neighborhoods and takes us to the largest super market there is. As we pass by several different churches he proudly states that here all religions live in harmony. From the outside we can see several people praying, all in their different ways.

Today we wake up to seeing that one of these churches were bombed.

At this moment we’ve been sat in the hotel room more or less the entire day. I wish I could be one of these people, that would just go and lay by the pool and shut it out, but I can’t. I feel so sorry for the people of this country and everyone who has been hurt or have lost someone. The people that I’ve met so far have been genuinely so nice and only wanting the best for you. It saddens me, that people think they have the right to ruin other people’s life’s just based on what they believe in, whether this is religion, or if a land belongs to them.

I was looking forward to exploring the country for the next couple of days, but unfortunately as it looks right now we will have to stay in the hotel. One of my dreams has always been to release turtles into the wild, so I will have to come back to this beautiful country one day.

As said, we have no access to social media, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is all down. Hopefully WordPress will share this post to Facebook automatically so you will see it.

I can’t wait to be home.


Busy planning

Ola ola,

Most Monday’s I’m a bit of a grumpy mess, but today I felt so content and happy driving home from work. It’s so nice that it’s now lighter outside and we can start having a taste of warmer weather. I for one can’t wait to stop rugging Grumpy.

With this warmer weather and spring around the corner it’s time for Grumpy to have his spring check up:

Today: Grumpy got new shoes. The farrier gave us the compliment that his hooves has never been better, so that’s good news!

Monday Feb 24: Time for the yearly check up by the dentist. Last year we were still stabled at another stable at this point in time so we did the check up for his teeth there(one person came for all the horses). This year I’ve decided to call my vet who is also a dentist. I wasn’t aware that the person who did Grumpy’s teeth before actually isn’t a dentist, but a mouth carer(?). Meaning his teeth haven’t been properly done before. Grumpy really does not like the dentist, so going to be a fun ride.

Friday March 1st: With all the training we are doing at the moment and him becoming stronger, I wanted to see if there were other ways I could prevent soreness of his muscles. So a lady, specialized in massages will come by and give him a proper sport massage. I’ve never tried this before, but wanted to see if it would relax his body a little. Going to write a post about it when it’s been done.

Monday feb 4th: It’s great that Grumpy is growing muscles, but it also means the saddle is becoming tighter. So the saddle fitter is coming around to check the overall fit and see if it’s still laying well. At the moment I am noticing that Grumpy is slightly tense on his back right behind the saddle. So hopefully my saddle fitter can help with that.

Once that is all done, I’m going to be a very poor person. Haha. However I think that should be it for a while and we can enter spring and summer with a good feeling.

Does your horse get sport massages? Really interested in hearing other people’s experiences with it.


First day of spring

Ola ola,

I don’t think I’m the only who is loving the weather we are having right now.

13 degrees and sun instead of 0 degrees and rain. I can also notice on Grumpy that his body is less stiff when it’s a bit warmer.

Today I could finally have a lesson outside, which is not only good for him, but oh how lovely is it to have some fresh air?

For a while we’ve been a bit in a winter dip. I couldn’t find my grove when riding and he kept doing things so that he didn’t have to work, like running insanely fast when lunging or bucking in canter when riding. Today was the first time in a long time when it felt like he could handle it all again.

It reminded me how much I actually do love riding. I’m finally seeing an upwards line in our riding which feels really good.

Now, let’s just hope the spring has come here to stay. I’m not going back to 0 degrees!

Happy Saturday!


No Monday blues

Ola ola,

Before we started this whole process and the rehabilitation, I thought we would go through with the procedure and just return to our original schedule without much change.

Very, very naive.

I don’t think I fully realized how much time and effort it would take to get Grumpy back to full health. Rehabilitating a horse isn’t done in a second and it’s not for lazy people. I quickly understood that you can’t keep doing what you’ve done, cause then you’ll always get what you’ve got and for Grumpy that is not going to work anymore.

We now work with a much more adapted schedule. We are up to 3/4 days of riding, 2 days of lunging and one day of groundwork/fun times.

Grumpy is a very emotional horse and feeds off people’s energy. I and my boyfriend always used to have this joke about Grumpy being extra grumpy on Mondays. While the truth was that I was grumpy and tired on Mondays and this would feed on to him. Therefore we now spend this day doing something we both enjoy, groundwork.

To others, we might look really silly as we run around in the arena with carrots, but when I see him run around with his ears forward it makes it all worth it. We are slowly developing all the tricks at the same time as making his back stronger, but I’m going to check if I can find a trainer for the groundwork as I really want to learn more about it. I’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately with people being able to do everything with their horses with a clicker which I find super impressive.

If you know a good groundwork trainer in the Netherlands, please let me know. In the meanwhile, we will spend our Mondays running around haha.


Bucas Recuptex saddle pad

Ola ola,

Bucas is launching a new product in their Recuptex /therapy line. For those that haven’t heard anything about this line, you can read about it HERE.

So what’s next in line?

A new saddle pad. This is meant to warm up the horse’s back quicker when starting to ride and make it slowly colder when your done. This will avoid the horse from getting back ache and stiffness.

The funny thing is, I can’t find any information about it other then THIS page on the Bucas site. I can’t find the price, not the launch date either. Maybe someone else has the info?

I do love my Recuptex rug and so does Grumpy, but I don’t know if this is something I really believe in. Won’t the back become to warm and sweaty? Will it affect the saddle? I don’t know if it’s far fetched, but leather and heat doesn’t go to well together. I guess we will have to wait and see.

They could have at least made the design a tiny bit more interesting. I know they are going a long the lines of the branding colors, but with all the other fancy saddle pads you have out there nowadays, I have a feeling most people won’t buy this.

What do you think?


Christmas came early this year

Ola ola,

This week it was time for Grumpy’s final check up from the vet. For once I wasn’t nervous as he’s been very happy and frisky lately.

We had to do some walking and running tests at first and afterwards the vet felt trough his whole body to see if anything was stuck. Besides two small things his whole body was really good. The vet was happy with the developments and asked me to continue the way I was going. I just need to add some work from the ground. After seeing the vet every single month for the last 12 months I now don’t need to see him for another 6 months. Definitely going to help my bank account!

Which is good when it comes to what else I did last Wednesday. I finally bought a new car! I don’t like to be dependent on other people, so I wanted a car that could pull a horse trailer if I need to transport Grumpy. I must admit that it’s quite a difference from my old small Ford, so I need to get used to it, but I’m very happy. Christmas came early for me this year. Now I can’t wait for the new year and all it has to offer!


Road to recovery – update

Ola ola,

Time for an update again.

Grumpy is doing well! This week we have spent making him more relaxed in whatever he does. Instead of rushing trough, we are now trying to build his muscles with moving more in balance.

When I am lunging I am trying to get to a point where he is moving around freely and low with his head without the use of lungeaids. Slowly, but surely we are getting there. I am noticing that if I use lungeaids he has a tendency to completely block his back, which is of course not the meaning.

When it comes to riding I am more or less starting from scratch again. The focus is on that I need to sit in a way that doesn’t restrict Grumpy and learning to keep my legs where they should be. I have a tendency to keep my feet to far forward, which means that my aids don’t come trough correctly and there is to much tension between me and Grumpy’a back. Gotta love trying to remove something so embedded in your mind.

I am still only allowed to ride only 10 minutes a time which is really hard to keep within when Grumpy is moving as well as today. Luckily I have a great trainer who is keeping me grounded and reminds me to stick to the plan. On Wednesday the vet is visiting us again to see the progress. Hopefully he is seeing good developments as well!

Grumpy is not as happy as me about training again. Haha

Have a good Sunday eve!


Finally back in the saddle

Ola ola,

Today I got out of bed with a nervous, but excited feeling. I had been holding off riding all week, because I didn’t want to know the answer if Grumpy hadn’t responded to all the treatments for the last two months.

The first sign I was looking for was if he walked strange after saddling up. He would have a tendency before to walk very stiff for ten meters after saddling up and then be fine. Today he was a bit slow, but not stiff.

Gosh, I need to start using the new halter.

Then when I started longing I was worried he would be slow because of the saddle on his back, but he went on like he would have without it. Which was one of the sign that the vet said was good. I made sure he worked well through his whole body before I decided to get on.

There isn’t too much you can do in 10 minutes, but we focused on Grumpy walking well trough his whole body and not blocking his back and for me to sit correctly in order for him to move properly. As we only focused on walking today, I can’t say how he will be in trot or walk, but so far so good. He is a lot less tense and stiff then prior to the treatment.

So happy Maria today!


Reitsportmesse Niederrhein 2018

Ola ola,

Yesterday me and the boyfriend drove to the south of the Netherlands for a gig that he had there. We weren’t planning on staying there, but we saw or I saw that the Reitsportmesse Niederrhein (horse event) was this weekend so I kindly asked if we could go there today.

This conference is a bit like Horse Event in the Netherlands with several clinics and loads of different shops. I mainly went there for the shopping as the clinics and shows are held in very small arenas and not really super interesting to me.

The main difference compared to last year was the offers. Last year you could buy Eskadron saddle pads for 20 euro in all different colors, while this year the prices were a lot higher. I also thought there was a lot of shops with the exact same stuff. Last year you could get a bit more variation and more upscale brands. So I ended up coming home with nada, niks, nothing.

It’s the perfect event to go to for people who need to buy a lot of cheap product for a schooling stable for example or your first horse. I was hoping to find a green saddle pad, but could unfortunately not find it.

Ah well, we had a nice day together and that’s more important then shopping 🙂


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