Sri Lanka part 2

Ola ola,

Pffft, I must admit that was a bit of a long night. I laid awake for most of the night listening to noises from the outside, making sure I heard if anything would happen…

If I said that these attacks didn’t affect me, I would be lying. Preferably I would stay in the hotel room the entire day, but I try to remind myself that you cannot let these people stop your life.

The hotel has been very nice and communicative with us, making sure we feel as safe as possible. They were meant to have a wedding of 150 people yesterday which got canceled, so today the hotel is a bit of a ghost town. In total I’ve seen 5 couples or so.

What’s been interesting is the information we have gotten from our two governments. Me from Norway is being told that I shouldn’t be spending time in Sri Lanka if it’s not necessary, while the Dutch government says that everyone can go here if they want, but to keep ears and eyes open. In Norway I would also get my return ticket refunded if I choose to go early, while in the Netherlands not. So who to believe in this case? The over caring mom or the nonchalant son telling you to live your life?

I’ve yet to decide for myself.

We are on to day 2 of no social media now, with no information on when it will be unblocked. Probably I won’t have access to any of it before I land on Dutch soil again. I had a little breakdown during the night were we started looking for tickets to go home early, but as of now we are keeping to the original schedule. The airport is a nightmare today, and if they want to hit again that’s definitely one of the spots. For now we are spending time reading books and watching bad movies, hoping time will go by fast.

I can’t wait to cuddle my little zoo again.


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