World Mental Health Day

Ola ola,

Today it’s the world mental health day.

Such a heavy topic, but such an important one. Every single day thousands are suffering alone, because they do not dare to talk about it.

A lot of people asks me why I have a horse. Why bother to spend so much time on a hobby.

When I’m around Grumpy or ride, it’s the only time my brain shuts down. It’s silent. I don’t think about ten different things at the same time like I normally do. Even when I sleep I have several dreams a night that I can remember when I wake up, which makes it feel like I haven’t slept at all.

So for me to keep my mental health at bay, I need Grumpy. When people come to me with similar issues, I always tell them to find their silence. The one thing that makes their brain shut off. For me that’s the only time I recharge and make me feel like I can face the world again.

Most of us have someone in our close proximity that is struggling with mental health. Maybe take the time today to send them a message and ask them how they are. Our lives are so busy, we often forget to look further then our own nose and sometimes we don’t realize how important those messages are to the ones close to us.

If you feel your mental health is going down, make sure to visit your doctor to figure out what can be done to make you feel better. You do not need to suffer alone.


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