The cream lady 


Since I was young I’ve never really appreciated the feeling of creams. Specially hand cream. It’s something about that sticky feeling that freaks me out. 

However the last two weeks I’ve totally become a cream specialist. My whole tack closet is filled with Sulphur cream, baby cream, desinfector cream and so forth. 

The mud fever is now almost gone from the front legs, but the backlegs won’t budge. The skin is growing again, but I now feel I find more scabs dotted out on his hoofs. Very difficult to describe, but I’m having a hard time seeing if it’s getting better or not. I’ve given myself till Wednesday and if I then haven’t seen clear improvements I’ll call the doctor for antibiotics. 

For the rest the man himself seems to be healthy and quick. He almost killed me due to a fox in the bushes on our walk today. 


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