Grumpy being grumpy 


Gosh, I should have known that if you have a great ride the day after won’t be that amazing. Typical typical. 

Today we never found the flow in our riding. To be able to properly warm up Grumpy I need to ride him forward before I focus on the connection on the bit so that he start moving  his back legs, however as there was so many people in the lesson this was more or less impossible as I seemed to end up behind slow ones continously or someone would cut in front of me. For the most part I do enjoy group lessons, but today several could literally stuff it. Towards the end of the lesson we got somewhere, but it was a fight and a half and my riding was overall pretty useless.  

Afterwards Grumpy got a good shower as he was pretty dirty before I let him dry up. However Grumpy showed his Grumpy side when I tried to brush him and he started attacking  the horse in the box beside him. Generally not a problem, but he keeps forgetting im there. So I took him outside to brush him instead, but then he decided to just move around and be annoying.  As I was already in a pretty bad mood by then I figured I would just let him be and put him back after telling him off. Gotta work on that discipline next week. Some days it literally feels like he is going into his second childhood and just want to test all my buttons. But I guess you wouldn’t manage to distinguish a good day from a bad if they were all good, so it can only go better from here.

Tomorrow I am going to sleep till I wake up and slowly start my day before checking out a clinic at the stable. Luckily I don’t have to ride so me and Grumpy have a day apart. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? Haha 



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