What to do on a sunday 

Ola Ola,

What a chill day. Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Must be the age. Haha 

Today I’ve been a real penny girl and spent the whole day at the stable. Starting out with watching a clinic given by Michel van Loon which was nice to watch. Thereafter I got to join for a ride around the woods in the area together with Cathelijne, Lotte, Marith en Danique. 

Horse and carriage is so relaxing. Because there was a special flower festival in Haarlem this weekend there were hardly any people in the woods which is always better. 

Lotte and Retto following behind us.

Thereafter me and Grumpy went on a ride. For the last few weeks I’ve started throwing away the wip after warming up. I’ve noticed that the stiller I have my hands the better Grumpy responds regarding connection to the bit. However when I have the wip in my hand it’s like I don’t manage to keep my hands equal so I get into this  fight with Grumpy which I usually loose as he keeps pulling. My hands are far near perfect without either, but they are definitely a lot stiller and we can ride more harmonious. I must say it’s teaching me to use my legs better as well as I can’t solve it with the wip, which is a plus to.  On Friday I had a really good lesson so I tried putting that into practice today which went pretty ok. Grumpy was sweating a bucketload so I guess we had a good workout. 

Don’t have a photo of Grumpy today. So you get one from Friday.  Grumpy is officially 167cm, but boyfriend makes him look like he is 140. Haha 

To end the day, Grumpy got to roll around outside before I went home. So all in all a really horsie day. Tomorrow I need to swing by the horseshop to change the mouthguard I bought for him, so hopefully he can enjoy the land as well together with the other horses. We shall see. 

Have a nice Sunday eve! 


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