Tiny bit wet 

The best part with being an horse owner, must be when you’ve stood half an hour in the pouring rain looking at your horse running in circles. You’re both soaking wet and as you finish the sun starts shining. Seriously…

That’s what happened to us today. Thanks weatherman, we both enjoyed it. 

As Mr. Grumpy looked like a wet cat when we were done he got 20 minutes under the solarium. As he knew his food was served back in his box he was being a very impatient sunman. 

On Monday the veterinarian is coming to look at his back and if needed to give him a massage. It’s a preventive measure I’ve decided to take to make sure he stays good as long as possible. It always makes me a bit nervous though as I just want to know that everything is OK. In yesterday’s lesson it was like he had fire under his hooves, so he seems to be well and fit at the moment. We will have to wait and see. Keep your thumbs up for us! 

By the way, if you need a cheap rain jacket, this one from Kingsland is seriously such a savior in bad weather. I bought mine on sale for 20€. 



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