Forest trolls 

Behind the lunge ring at the stable there is a little forest. Today while I was lunging Mr.Grumpy, a old couple decided to stop and watch us for like 10 min in the middle of that forest. 

It looked like they enjoyed it so I didn’t say anything, but Mr.Grumpy on the other hand thought it was some forest trolls that was out to get him. So he went into Duracell mode to a point were I almost got seasick. Considering he was incredibly slow before this I probably should be happy about the old couple. He still seems a bit out of the loop. It’s like he has his breaks on and doesn’t have too much energy. Since the weather is really weird with hot and warm at the moment I’m hoping it comes down to that. 

Other then that I finally took the time to clean out the tackcloset and took in the 500gram winter rug and the warm-up rug. The winter rug has been at the cleaner,  but it now seems a lot thinner then before, so I’m hoping it’s still warm enough. Tuesday its meant to become as cold as -3 at night, so it better be warm enough then. I’ve even washed all of the leg protectors today, high five to myself(probably should have done this half a year ago). 

There was a carrousel(no idea what this is called in English) competition at the stables today, so I decided to leave earlier then normal. I’m not the biggest fan of having a lot of people around me when I want to relax, so I figured my own sofa would be better. I hope it went well for everyone involved though!

Have a nice Sunday eve. 


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