What goes up must come down 

Last week Mr.Grumpy was a star, unfortunately this week he seems to have winter depression and pms at the same time. Unfortunately I’ve been sick as well, so team Grumpy had a down week. 

Mr.Grumpy is a crosser at heart as that’s what he was doing in his younger years. So I’m hoping by him getting to go outside and run is heart out today will help on his mood. We’ve been doing a lot of dressage lately with a lot of horses in the arena which he is not a fan of. So hopefully he will clear his head a bit today and will be a star again next week. 

While he does that I have a pamper day getting my hair done and eating lunch in city. So we both are having a chill day away from eachother, maybe that will help to. Haha. 

Happy Saturday everyone!


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