Sunny day 

Since it was such beautiful weather outside today me and Mr.Grumpy enjoyed some time in the sun and just chilled.
After he’d been rolling around in the sand and had some suntanning outside I decided to go for a walk instead of putting him in the walker. Can you imagine if us human beings were put in walkers? Must be so boring to walk in circles all the time.. Anyhow we just had a nice little walk outside and Mr.Grumpy was in a really nice mood and walking well. It seems that he is finally coming back to life from his little dip which is so nice to see. His fur is shining again and I just got a message from his other love that he did really well while riding today as well. So happy that it’s going in the right direction. When he had his dip I really thought it was the end of it all, but then again, I’m way to dramamom and need to chill out. Thankfully I have no children on my own, I would be the worst. Haha 


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