Someone opened up the waterworks 

Mr.Grumpy generally hates anything that is called veterinarian or dentist and decides to be a real b…. when they come around. So today I was not only worried that something major would be wrong, but I was also worried we were going to fly through the hallways of the stables. 
Luckily for me the normal veterinarian we use is on vacation so we got a sweet woman that Mr.Grumpy seemed to like. He behaved like a charm through the whole thing and didn’t flinch an eye. Me on the other hand was the biggest sobbing mom, the veterinarian must have tought I was an idiot. 😂 Neither did it stop either, it went on and on, it’s like someone opened up the waterworks and forgot to close it again.
Anyway, all the sobbing aside, for now she’s couldn’t say anything about the hairs as she found him fit and awake. Will have to do tests for Cushing in October. She did however notice his back was bad, so for the next weeks I need to lunge 3 times a week and make sure he relaxes it properly so it can become less tense. Hence why he doesn’t want to walk too much at the moment. Overall a better outcome than what dramaqueen me thought in the car on my way to the stable. Lunging and forrest walks here we come!

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