Summer Sales

A lot of people think that I am rich when they look at which product Mr.Grumpy have and use, but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that everything he has beside his saddle and half pad has been bought on sales. I rather save up and wait till the sales and then I know I have something with good quality, instead of something I need to replace after a little while.

Since we are in the middle of summer its time for the good old summer sale. Loads of online horse shops have sales on right now. Below you can see a selection(links in the name):

Divoza – up to 50 %
Epplejeck – up to 50%
Kingsland EP
Kingsland fleece jacket Amy Epplejeck and Divoza
De Kroo – up to 30 %
Doc Horse – up to 70 %
Horze – up to 50 %
Horze cresendo HORZeCresendo Saddle pad Horze
Piaffe Ruitersport – Up to 70 %
Kramer – up to 50 %
HV Polo from Kramer.
Gierman – up to 50 %
Ruiterhart – up to 50 %
Maybe you can score some goodies too!

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  1. I completely know what you mean. I’d rather buy some good, expensive things for my horse, if that means I can be sure it will last long and be comfortable for her. And if I have to save up and wait for sales and special promotions to do that, well, then so be it.

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