Riding in new boots 

Wow, what a difference it was to ride in my new boots compared  to my old boots. I felt I had so much more control and balance. Mr.Grumpy was also listening a lot better, so I guess it was a good buy in the end.

What a painful process it is to ride them in tough. The boots are super comfortable, but I’ve now got blisters on both of the inside of my knees. Going to have to patch them up before tonight.

My extra rider told me that Mr.Grumpy was super stiff on Tuesday, so I was really wondering how he would be yesterday, but it all went well. He seemed to be back to his normal grumpy self, so no problem there. My riding was not my the best, at a certain point my blisters were hurting so bad I started sitting weird to avoid the pain. Will have to do better today!

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