MacGyver in the House 


Pfft, please remind me that next time I buy a horse I’ll buy one that is to lazy to lift it’s leg. Would make life a hell lot easier right now. 

Anyhow, today guys, today I was allowed to smear cream on the front hoofs without much problems. Hallelujah. You have no idea how happy I am. After 7 days of having to ask people if they want to risk their life for my horse I’m finally able to do things myself. On the back legs I had to use my invented smear-stick, but it worked pretty well. I put him back in the stable to relax afterwards before I took him out again to clean out the downside of the hoofs. At first he didn’t trust me, but after five minutes of cuddling and relaxing and trying he starting gaining trust again so we ended the evening on a good note. 

The rain-rot is also almost gone. So hopefully towards the end of the week we can start longing to start moving again. I tried today,  but it simply hurts to much. I want him to work trough his whole body before anyone gets on him to loosen up muscles that are now pretty tight from stress. But first things first, the heel need to heal first.