The stable that Mr.Grumpy is staying at closes 3 weeks every summer for cleaning of the boxes and so. Most of the horses goes on vacation, but because Mr.Grumpy has bad hooves he cannot be outside and eat too much grass. So with a couple of other horses we are now left to our own at the stable. This also means we have no lessons, so today I was just practicing everything I’ve been learning the last few weeks. Since I was on vacation for two weeks the left canter issue came back again. So today I was riding loads of transitions to try to get it out. It’s still a bit there, but a lot better. 
I also took my new saddle pad from euro-star and the new half pad for a ride. Really like the color, except grey shows sweat really fast. 

Mr. grumpy is standing in a new box for a little now as they are cleaning his original box totally for the summer. Enjoying a little snuggle with his new neighbor Moonlight. 
Tomorrow it’s back to practicing left canter! 

On the right way 

Just had such a good lesson. When I came to the stable Mr.Grumpy was being really slow and didn’t seem to want to do much so I thought it was going to be hell, but he was so good. 
We were practicing transitions and left canter like no tomorrow and both went really well. No counter canter at all and most of the transitions were good. Need to practice more trot to walk as he then has a tendency to fall together, so that one needs some more work. Besides this he has a tendency to fall to the inside when I do a circle on the left side, so this will be on the check list for tomorrow. Finally I feel like we are on our way to almost start with competitions. Feels so good when everything goes so right! Some photos from today.