5 tips for equestrian youtubers


Lately I’ve found myself watching a lot more vlog’s and youtube content than normal tv. For some reason I find short clips from real people more interesting then the fake stuff on tv nowadays. I really like Casey Neistat, Fleur de Force, Life of Riley and Jon Olssen just to name a few when it comes to lifestyle.

There is also a lot of equestrian youtubers popping up as well. Personally I think this is great for the industry as a whole. It means that the younger generation have a voice as well. In the Netherlands I like to follow Jill Huijbregts, Anne & Lotte Meulendijks and Danielle van Mierlo. I also check out Montana O, Jet Eventing, Hannah Lucy and Hailey Hart which are all in English.

The first vloggers I mentioned are professional ones that earn millions on this a year. Overall the equestrian vloggers I’ve come a cross are good, but I have noticed a couple of common mistakes that is being made that is so easy to avoid. So here you got 5 tips on how to make your videos better.

  1. Microphone muff

A lot of equestrian content is created outside. I wonder how many videos I’ve watched with people talking outside and you can’t hear it because you only hear the wind blow. This is so easily fixed with a microphone muff/windscreen. Go youtube that shit or read about it here.


Flying the nest

2. Editing hero

As a starting out youtuber you might not think that editing the videos are so important. You just want to make content, but learning how to use programs like Final cut pro and Adobe Premier pro can really raise the bar of your content. People like watching refined content and you’ll grow your fanbase faster as well. Making sure you got a template ready makes it easier to implement on your videos as well. Intro with logo as well as outro is a must. Watch Life or Ryan as an example of great editing.

3. Tripod provides stability

There is a reason why most professional vloggers use a small tripod while vlogging. It provides stability so that the videos doesn’t shake which is quite annoying to watch, I can even get seasick if the video moves to much, haha. It also makes the camera a lot easier to hold and also put down if you need to film from further away.


Janni Deler

4. Don’s swear

This might come as a surprise to many, but there is a reason why professional vloggers beep out words like F#ck and BS. The reason for this is that Youtube can label your video as inappropriate which again means it won’t show up in the search bar if people search for something that can be found in your video or people under 18 is not allowed to watch it. So either don’t swear or beep it out while editing.

5. Don’t use copyrighted music

Want to earn money on your videos? Then stop using that music made by Rihanna, Beyonce and so forth. Why? This is copyrighted music which means that someone else owns the right to the songs which again means that they will earn money on your videos.   There is a bunch of sites that provides music you can use for free in your videos, like this for example.

My largest pet peeve when watching videos is when someone doesn’t use the Microphone muffs, so hopefully now there will be less of this. haha


How to make horseriding more affordable 

The other day my instructor (Mijn ruiter wereld) tipped me about THIS article on how to make horse riding more affordable.
Some really good tips in there, but here are my own:  

  • Private lessons – Taking a lot of private lessons can really become an expensive experience. However, they become cheaper if you do it with a friend or two. Ok, it won’t be you alone with an instructor anymore, but being two people is definitely better then being 11 as in a group lesson. And it gives you time to breath between the punches as well 😉

  • PreventionI truly believe in prevention rather then having to pay for after care. Take good care of your tack and rugs by cleaning them regularly. Buying a new saddle is a hell lot more expensive than buying a pot of leather conditioner.

  • SalesI love sales. I hardly buy anything for full price anymore as there is a sale around every corner. If it’s not autumn sale it’s Halloween sale or Black Friday sale, there is always some kinda sale on. I always wait till the end of the season and then I buy that Euro-Star saddle pad for 50% off. For example in the Netherlands, Divoza and Epplejeck have 25% off an item at least once a month. 25% becomes quite a lot if you have to buy a new rug or cap.
  • Stable equipment – For some dumb reason someone a long time ago decided that horse riding was going to be expensive so the stores could charge 10 euro more for a regular bucket then a normal store could. Never buy stable accessories at a horse store. Go to ikea or your normal home appliance store and you can buy it there for so much cheaper. Like buckets, brushes, cleaning cloths, towels, soap, baby wipes, hooks, plastic containers and so forth. 

  • Save or splurgejust like they tell you, you shouldn’t splurge on bodylotion as the expensive ones are the same as the cheap ones, certain things in the horse riding world is the same. Don’t splurge on halters, brushes, lunge ropes and fleece rugs as they will get dirty and nasty not matter how much money you spend on them(excluding leather halters).
  • Horse carrier – of course I would love to drive Mr. Grumpy around in one of those fancy horsecars(what’s the word for them?), but let’s face it. If you don’t have to take your horse somewhere more then a couple times a year, borrowing a horse carrier is a lot cheaper than owning one.

Hopefully these will make your horse life a bit more affordable to. If you got more tips, let me know.