Finally back together

Today I went to the stable for the first time after my vacation to check up on Mr.Grumpy.

It was so nice to give him a cuddle again. Amazing how attached you can get to an animal. The girl that looked after him during my vacation let me know mid week that he had some nasty wounds on his face and leg, which she was a bit worried about.

I didn’t really expect it to be much as they have a tendency to worry quickly, but wow Mr Grumpy must have had a bad day in the paddox and run into a fight with another horse. In total he has 4 wounds in his face that are not of the normal “small” ones, but these where very deep and nasty. Luckily they are healing up well and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. The girl had already been in the forest with him today, so after giving him some LickIt and a few cuddles I let him be. Tomorrow I will finally have the chance to take some new photos and spend some more time with him. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough that we can do some horsemanship training as well. Cant wait to start training properly now to continue our journey together.


Horse Youtuber's in English

In the beginning when I just got Mr.Grumpy I used to search around on youtube for the most informative Youtubers to learn from. Considering I’ve not grown up with horses, nor been a real penny girl I was missing a lot of knowledge like how to clean a horse properly, how to cut his mane and so on. In-between all the garbage videos, cause boy there is a lot of garbage youtubers you can find some that are pretty good. I’ve listed some of the  english ones I find useful below:

Evention TV

Dom and Jaimy Schramm from Evention tv has a lot of useful videos regarding all things horse related. They haven’t posted much in a while, but their videos are great for general information like how to load a horse, how to get a fitting saddle and so on.

Dressage Mastery Academy

Natasha Althoff is an Australian Grand Prix rider and her biggest dream is to one day attend and win the Olympics riding on a Frisian horse. Her channel is more riding related and you can find loads of great movies on how to do certain movements with your horse or just how to for example sit correctly in the saddle. Her enthusiasm is really contagious as well.

I do watch a couple of Dutch ones as well which I can share later. If you have any good Youtubers to share, please let me know.