When you got nothing to do 

Good evening. 

Hope you all have had a nice Sunday. 

This morning I was meant to go to another preselection for the Dutch dressage championship, but when the alarm went off at 8 I didn’t understand where I was or what was ringing. So when I finally came to reality I turned it off, turned around and slept till 11. Haha. Well it’s Sunday after all. 

Mr.Grumpy got a well deserved day off today. He has been great the whole week, so think it was good for him to get a low key day. Outside the ground was freezing and inside there was a dressage contest, so we couldn’t do so much anyway. But instead of leaving him in the box we went for a little stable stroll, so he could cuddle with his best friend. 

Thereafter we did a proper spa treatment. Cleaned the legs and smeared in the hooves, cut the upper as well as the lower part of the tail.

 And then you guys, I thought I was going to be good and cut his mane. I think we all should be very happy I’m not a hairdresser. Cause now Mr.Grumpy looks a little bit like this :


I don’t know how people cut manes so straight with those curved scissors. I’m going to buy a straight one. Yep, im totally blaming it on the scissor. What else could I blame? Myself? Naaah never. 

I remember when I was 12 and a hairdresser did the same to me. I went home crying to my grandfather who just looked at me and said “if you are going to sit there and cry over a little bit of hair, you’re going to have a very hard life”. 

Luckily it’s just hair and it will grow out again. I can already hear my instructor tomorrow though “why on earth is it so short”, just like last time. Haha. Can’t wait. 

Have a nice evening!


Review : Sectolin Sweet Itch 

In the summer Mr.Grumpy has issues with that his mane and tail starts itching, like a bit of summer eczema. I came to the stable one day and half of his upper tail was gone, I could definitely scream as it was so full and pretty before.

However, nothing to do about that, but I had to figure out something to ease the itch to make him stop ruining his tail and make him feel better.

I first tried this product from my local drug store which was recommended to me by some people at the stable. However this thing didn’t make him stop grinding his ass against the wall and it smelled so bad that my hands would smell forever after. So I went online and started researching as I always do and came across the Sectolin Sweet itch.

What is it: “Based on vegetable oils and extracts.
Sweetitch provides soothing care to aid natural recovery of the skin for horses, containing minerals from the Dead Sea and vegetable oils. This horse gel is a soothing product for manes, tails and underbelly. The Dead Sea salt supports the cleansing and calming of the skin.”

How to use: Rub it in on mane, tail or any itching area of your horse everyday.

Does it work? YES! First of all I was happy that the smell was really nice, it smells quite minty. However the most important part is that it really does work. After a couple of days of using it Mr.Grumpy stopped itching. Now I use it whenever I see him start doing it again. The pump bottle is also really convenient.

Costs: 16.95 euro at your local Sectolin dealer.

My rating : 5/5 (Definitely recommend this product)