Chilled out Saturday 

Gilmore girls, sofa, candy and a cup of tea is how my life looks like right now. So chill. 

I got up early to go to the stable today. Me and Mr.Grumpy had a nice ride in a children lesson, but it was actually good to go back to the basics and hear all the things you normally don’t focus on. Slowely, but surely I’m getting his attention quicker and he is listening better to my aids.

 (He is growing muscles again,whoop whoop)

Today’s lesson was very focused on how to ride a good circle, something I hate to practice as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t like to do them, but hey, you can’t avoid it just because he doesn’t like to. Luckily it went better towards the end and I got some good tips on entering canter. So overall a good lesson. 

So I’m now on a complete shopping ban as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t need anything else, but the last thing I bought before the ban entered was this stable rug from Bucas. 

I had 150g rug and a 450g, but nothing inbetween and the 150g wasn’t enough anymore. So after a lot of searching I ended up on this 300 gram select quilt from Bucas with stay dry fleece on the inside. Which means I can put it on him eventough we’ve just been excersizing as it will dry up the sweat. Makes life a little simpler if he were to grow his teddy beer fur again. I bought mine at Hypoestore with 25% last week or so. 

Two weeks ago I won a horse shampoo from Naf on the blog of Horsegloss. Today I could finally pick it up at my local horseshop. 

I must admit that I don’t shower Mr.Grumpy with a shampoo that often as he doesn’t really need it. So this one will be given to little Bindy tomorrow as she loves all things pink and her horse loves to get dirty, so she has better use of it. It smells super delicious and the design is pretty cute! 

Something I’ve noticed in the horse world is that when it comes to marketing they are extremely far behind. If I would have been Naf I would have provided this shampoo in a nice box with a little note attached to it. However I just got it handed over in a store. Such little things can make people love your brand so much more. Ah well, I still got my shampoo 🙂 

Now is time to crawl under my blanket again and stay there for the rest of the day. Have a nice Saturday.