Schockemohle Clincher

Ola ola,

This weekend I was on a weekend away. As I lay with a nice drink in my hand on the beach(completely not relevant), I get a message from my boyfriend.

“Have you been shopping again? ”

Although I admit I can often go on a shopping spree I hadn’t ordered something in a while. So I asked him to send me a picture of the content of the box.

To my surprise is contained a clincher browband from Schockemohle that I ordered, wait for it:

2 bloody years ago.


I can’t believe it! I was on vacation in Marbella back then and looked all over the internet for this clincher. After hours of looking I found it on a Dutch webshop and decided to order it. After two weeks of waiting I sent an email, but never got an answer and afterwards I saw the site was down. I’ve got no idea why the shop decided to send it after two years, but I really don’t need it anymore.

Maybe I can make any of my readers happy? It’s a classic Schockemohle Clincher in gold, size Cob. Holla if your interested.


Setting up some goals

Ola Ola,

Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday. Mine was spent doing horse stuff.

Grumpy is slowly getting used to his new place. He is a lot calmer in his stable now, and he is used to the new walker and paddock.

Only our riding is going completely south at the moment. He is noticing that I’m being careful because of the new surroundings and he is taking full advantage of it. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just a matter of time and getting used to things.

Today we had the entire arena to ourself. I tried to make something out of our ride, but mnjaa lets just say he got a very relaxing day. To keep focus I’ve decided to give myself some goals for the coming period:

  • When I get anxious, I’m not going to stop, but push trough when it comes to riding
  • When I get anxious in handling Grumpy, I’m going to stay calm and not pull him close to me. I’ve been working on this for the last few days and I’m so happy it’s working out well. There has been no circling piaffe’s so far.
  • Work on my sit. As my boyfriend has taken some photos last few days I’ve seen how bad it really is and I need to get more straight
  • Building more muscles on Grumpy with riding him trough his whole body and focus on getting the backlegs active
  • Having fun. I worry to much, this is a hobby and should be fun, so I’m going to slow it down a notch and just have fun with it.

So that’s my goals for the coming months. I’m going to try to have boyfriend take photos once a week so I can see the progress. Going to be interesting to see if there is any difference in a couple of months.


Getting there

Good morning, good morning,

I’m currently waiting at Schiphol to board my flight to Norway. Once I’m in Norway I get to wait 5 hours and then I fly to New York. One of my favorite cities in the world! Both me and my brother is turning 20-30 this year, so our mom is taking us on a trip. Can’t wait to be back there.

But as you know, waiting at the airport is pretty gosh dang boring. Therefore I figured I would write an update here to make the time pass. Yesterday I finally had a good ride with Grumpy. Earlier in the week I decided to try the old bridle to see if it would help with his nasty head shaking, but the bit on that bridle is too kind, so mr wouldn’t listen whatsoever. So now I switched back and yesterday we had a relaxing ride without to much headbanging. Generally when it’s only me riding in the arena this doesn’t appear, but when there is too many horses he gets frustrated as well as me as my arms falls off after training. But only a few weeks now and that should be gone for good…

It felt good to end on a good note as I now won’t see him until Tuesday. Eek, don’t think I realized how long that is before now, but knock on wood, he shall be fine!

Hope you all will have a good Thursday! Flight is about to board so better run.


Bridle me here and bridle me there


Hope you are having a nice evening. I’ve just come home from a group lesson and is now laying in bed with my tea. Grandma much?

A while ago I took the plunge and bought the Schockemohle Equitus Beta. I think the bridle looks and feels amazing and is definitely worth the money in that perspective, but I’m starting to notice that for the last week Grumpy has been having his mouth open more then normal while riding. Obviously this is something you don’t want as the horse is then telling you he/she is uncomfortable. So I’m sat here discussing with myself if I should try the old one for a couple of days and see if that’s better or leave it till I get a dentist to check his teeth.

On the other hand my riding didn’t help him today either. He needs a still hand and I didn’t give it to him, so that’s something I need to work on.

Tomorrow my lovely boyfriend has agreed to go to Jumping Amsterdam with me. Can’t wait to see the amazing horses!

Truste!(good night in Dutch!)


Schockemohle Beta

Ola Ola,

Greetings from a very snowy Netherlands. It’s actually so snowy I don’t get to see Grumpy today. My little mommy heart doesn’t like that, but I know he’s fine(knock on wood).

Yesterday I got up really early to go to the stable before the snow came. Must admit my warm bed seemed like a better idea, but then I remembered I could test out my new bridle and jumped out of bed.

Back in October, Schockemohle released a new set of anatomical bridles. Within this launch there was one called Beta. Since the minute I saw it I wanted to buy it, but I found the price a tad bit steep. However with Black Friday, I found it with 100 euro discount, so I was sold.

The Beta is a special bridle constructed to release pressure around the head, jaw and nose while riding. As I noticed that Grumpy really enjoyed not being ridden by a noseband I decided to look for options and this bridle was one of the ones I came across.

So far I must say I already notice a difference when trying it out. Due to the construction, the bit is laying a lot stiller in the mouth. The leather is really soft and overall the bridle seems sturdy. Only thing I am afraid of is that the bridle will become to big with the leather stretching. We shall see.

Can’t wait to train properly with it. For those interested in it, make sure you shop a bit around on the internet as the prices vary greatly. I bought mine at Horze, which was 100 euro cheaper then the current price of Epplejeck.


Who forgot to turn on the heater? 

Ok, let’s get straight down to business. Who forgot to put on that heater called global warming? I am officially freezing my toes off.  “Yes, my jokes are dry, hoho” 

Mr.Grumpy is currently wrapped in like a little Christmas gift. He seems to be warm and happy under two layers though. I was afraid I wouldn’t have a warm enough rug since he ruined his baselayer rug last week, but this seem to work for now. Currently using 450 gram Rambo rug with a Rambo dryrug. 

It might be all in my head, but it seems like his new food is giving him more energy. Yesterday we tried going for a walk together, but it quickly turned into a Mr.grumpy walking me situation so the walk didn’t last long. 

Today I had to ride instead of lunging because the ground is frozen outside. When riding I could definitely notice he was more forward, but he spent all his energy on hating this cute little pony that was also in the arena. Even if it was like 15 meters away he wanted to attack him. So guessing that’s a side effect of the new energy. However I rather want that and just learn to ride with it, then him being lazy and energyless. 

Tomorrow I am riding in a lesson again, so then we can work on channeling the energy. 

Hope you have a nice evening!


What to buy on sale

January is known for being the huge sales month in many countries. In the Netherlands several of the largest equestrian sites have their winter sales on at the moment. 

I personally love sales(why wouldn’t you want to buy something for less money. Haha), but I do know there are people that find them to messy or don’t want to buy “outdated” product. However there are certain things that are really smart to buy on the big sales: 

Saddle pads 

I can’t remember the last time I bought a saddle pad at full price. I personally prefer the euro star pads, but at 70 euro I find them too expensive. So I buy a couple of them when the sales is on instead. Like this one for example: 

Kingsland victor saddle pad. Normally 80,- now 40,- at Divoza

Show shirts

I don’t why, but seems that someone decided that showshirts should be redicolous expensive eventough their full of polyester(my favorite fabric -not). Show shirts change little season by season, so you can save quite a lot on buying them at the large sales in winter and summer. For example the ones at Kingsland haven’t changed all year. So why not buy them a bit cheaper?

Kingsland classic show shirt. Normally 45,- now 35,- at De Kroo.


Winter rugs/ turnout rugs are definitely one of the most expensive things we can buy for our horses. Generally the rugs don’t change much from year to year. So if you know that you need a new one next year it can be smart to buy them on the winter sales instead of at the beginning of autumn. At the moment you can even get Bucas rugs up to 30% off which doesn’t happen a lot. 

Bucas 300 gram smartex winter turnout rug – normally 255,- now 178, euro- at Dochorses


You always need halters and saving some dollars here and there on them is never bad. Their certainly not expensive, but buying them at 50% off feels better then buying them at full price no?

Schockemöhl Tennessee. Normally 17,95, now 8,98,- at Epplejeck


You need boots all year around, but generally they don’t go on sale as much the rest of the year as they do now. So why not buy some at 30-50% as a delayed Christmas gift for yourself? 

Petrie Melbourne – normally 299,- now 199,- at Ooteman

Here you got a list of the sales going on at the moment or coming up: 
Divoza – up to 50% off 

Ooteman – special sale starts 15 January, for now 30% off

Dochorses – up to 30% off on rugs from Rambo, Amigo, Bucas 

Schockemöhl – 50% off certain items 

Epplejeck – winter sale with up to 50% starts Sunday 8 January


Outside fun 

After a week of 4 lessons indoors it was finally time to get some fresh air and ride outside. 

Now as most of you know I’m not the biggest hero outside,  but with some mental support from Louise and Wietske we had a nice ride. It always feels a bit better when your not totally alone in the arena. 

Mr.Grumpy seem to think it was nice to be outside as well and behaved accordingly. He even decided to canter when I wanted to on the left side, so thumbs up for that. As I believe in positive reinforcement I’m trying to thank him every time he does something good, which seems to be helping a little. For the rest we didn’t really focus on anything special, it was Sunday after all 😉 We ended the nice ride with a wind down in the little park beside the arena.

As we came back my little nephew came, so he had a little ride as well. It’s so cute to see how he smiles from ear to ear when he gets to ride. 

I didn’t think the new browband from schockemohle would fit, but it actually does.  At first I wanted one in gold, but as the rest of the tack is black with silver I went with silver this time around. 

Now, before we end this blog. Norway winning eurochampionship in handball. So good! 



Since I got to hear that Mr.Grumpy has a bad hoof yesterday I decided to take it slow today. So we went to the lunging circle and practiced some lunging without a rope. In the beginning he did his normal “I’ll just stop here and eat some grass”, but after some rounds he got it and listened well. Afterwards I sat down and let him eat some grass and chill out. The rest of the day I spent in the sun while cleaning all my tack(don’t do it in the sun, it’s not good for the leather, haha). Such a relaxing day, well needed for us both. Tomorrow it’s back to yoga and riding.