Kingsland Jane Pantyhoes 


When you come from Norway you are more or less born in wool products. Most kids grow up wearing wool tights and sweaters in the winter.

Every winter I pull out my woolen socks from the closet which definitely helps when you are standing in the cold longing or trying to sleep and it’s cold at night.  But most people in the Netherlands doesn’t know the benefit of woolen products. In Norway you can buy thin socks and outfits at the supermarket. Here you need to go to a special store. Haha

Wool makes you warm when your cold and cold when your warm. That’s the easiest description I can make I think. Sweat transports to the outer layer and you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

Kingsland(Norwegian brand by the way) has now invented the Jane pantyhoes which is a woolen panty to put under your breeches. This is what they say about it: “Superior fitted wool-mix smart-layer/ pantyhose with nylon on calf’s for better fit in riding boots. Wide elastic band on top for good fit and comfort. Kingsland metal tab below rib on left hip.”

For those riding outside this is definitely a good product. You can buy it HERE for 25 euro.