Superman to the rescue

Ola ola,

So. You have those rugs that I deem necessary, like the winter rugs and raincoat. Then you have those that you buy because you see it on sale and buy it while you do not really need it.

This walker rug from Rambo – Horseware was definitely one of those buys. I saw it on sale this summer and for some reason I really felt I needed it. Since it was pouring down today I took it for a test ride when walking to the lunging arena and walking about afterwards. To be honest the rug is really well made as you can expect from Horseware. It got a fleece inside and a water repellant outer layer. I didn’t dare to lunge with it as I’m afraid Grumpy would get his feet in the surcingles. Although its nice, it’s not a rug that you need at all. I do like the way it makes Grumpy look like he is wearing a superman coat tough. hoho

On another note, Grumpy was really stiff and slow today. I can’t really blame him as it has been such bad weather and it suddenly went from a decent warmth to really freaking cold. Tomorrow he has a day off with cuddles and walks before we start training properly for the next two weeks before I can ride again. Almost there, almost there!


Lunge lesson 

Ola Ola,

A while ago I started using a lunge girth when lunging Grumpy, but I felt a bit insecure about using the ropes. So today I had a lesson with my trainer. 

Grumpy is a horse that loves walking on his forehand instead of using his back legs. Which in return isn’t good for his back at all and his backlegs kinda just dribbles along. Not the best look. So today my trainer showed me some techniques to get him more forward and on his backlegs. I have noticed that since I’ve started using the girth he has built a lot more backmuscles, which is really important for him. He still has a long way to go, but we have at least started moving. I need to work on becoming a bit more dominant which became very apparent as my trainer only had to say hoopla and he started cantering. So if anyone got “dominance” tips, feel free to share them. 

He was pretty sweaty after the lesson, so I let him chill out and roll around in the sand before he got a good brush. 

Girth, ropes and underlayer all from Harry’s Horses. 


Failing at taking photos 


Hope you all are having a good Monday! Mine started fresh and early at the stable taking Mr.Grumpy for a ride. 

He was super good today. We are becoming more of a team everyday and he is relaxing a bit more everyday which is also a good thing. 

I only got to learn the boy some obedience. Today I turned away for one second and this happened: 

Guess the boy loves its food. 

Since it’s been freezing in the Netherlands like forever we couldn’t lunge for a long time, but yesterday I could finally do it again. I was meant to take photos of how he has been gaining wheights and muscles to make a comparison, but someone Ehm me, completely failed at the photo taking. I’ve got 50 photos of him on the lunge and not one of them are good. Here is the best one: 

The rest was something ala this : 

Ehm what?

Ah well, I will have to try again another day. The whole point was to point out that he has gained wheight and muscles since we started with some more food and muesli. We are going in the right direction! 

Now it’s pancake time, yum! Have a nice evening.


Head to the sand 

Today has been such a chill day. 

I finally got around to clean all my tack. So now everything is shiny and pretty again. I used to do it every Sunday, but fell out of the routine a bit over the last few months. Clean stuff, clean mind.

Wednesday means lungeday for Mr.Grumpy as usual. Since the sun was shining it was actually super nice to be outside. 

The last few months I’ve been working on him releasing/using his back and neck without having to use lungeaid. Today we started of with using it, and when he was warm enough I took it off again. To my surprise he released really quickly and moved a lot more suppled. 

This is his “typical” way of moving. Neck way to high and back being completely stiff. Below you can see where are now:

As he was a bit too slow today he wasn’t moving his behind part as well as he should. But it’s definitely improving and going forward. For some reason I find it super fun to see how he is improving and building more muscles. For some weird reason its giving me motivation to work out myself, as I always get demotivated when I don’t see the results. Who would have thought a horse was needed for that. Haha.

Hope you’ve had a nice day.


Small wound 

Today while taking Mr.Grumpy out for a walk, my boyfriend noticed that Mr.Grumpy was bleeding from a wound on his left back leg. He had been let out earlier today so he probably had kicked himself a little or something along those lines. As the worried owner I was I checked with my instructor that it wasn’t something serious and after cleaning it I took him out on the lunge to check if he walked ok.

He luckily didn’t walk weird or anything like that so I decided to go to Epplejeck(horse shop) to buy some Betadine creme to put on it and let him rest a bit. By the way, all the people at Epplejeck today, gees. Insane what a bit of sales can do to people, I had to stand half an hour in line to buy my creme.

The weird thing is that I had a tought about it yesterday that the health of our horses can turn so quickly without our control. They can go from ok to totally not ok in a second. I’m glad it was something minor, want my lovely bit furry friend to be ok all the time.

Lunging squats 

Pfft Today’s been busy so far. Started my day with circuit training in the forrest. Was super nice when I was done, but in the middle I tought I was going to both throw up and faint at the same time. Haha. But the start has been made and it can only get better from here on. Thereafter I hurried to Epplejeck(huge horse store chain in the Netherlands) to pick up an order before I hurried to the stable to lunge Mr. Grumpy. Afterwards I made sure he looked all pretty again before he was given his daily carrots. I’ll show later what I got at Epplejeck. Have a nice Saturday!