Kingsland Jane Pantyhoes 


When you come from Norway you are more or less born in wool products. Most kids grow up wearing wool tights and sweaters in the winter.

Every winter I pull out my woolen socks from the closet which definitely helps when you are standing in the cold longing or trying to sleep and it’s cold at night.  But most people in the Netherlands doesn’t know the benefit of woolen products. In Norway you can buy thin socks and outfits at the supermarket. Here you need to go to a special store. Haha

Wool makes you warm when your cold and cold when your warm. That’s the easiest description I can make I think. Sweat transports to the outer layer and you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

Kingsland(Norwegian brand by the way) has now invented the Jane pantyhoes which is a woolen panty to put under your breeches. This is what they say about it: “Superior fitted wool-mix smart-layer/ pantyhose with nylon on calf’s for better fit in riding boots. Wide elastic band on top for good fit and comfort. Kingsland metal tab below rib on left hip.”

For those riding outside this is definitely a good product. You can buy it HERE for 25 euro.

Tack shopping in Mallorca 


Happy animal day! With all of these photos of animals on my social media I end up missing Grumpy more and more. He is being taken really good care of tough, so bet he doesn’t miss me at all. Hehe 

After one to many hours in the sun today, me and my boyfriend were laying bored at the hotel room. We are not drinkers and not really wine and dine every night kinda people, so after 3 days of watching series and shopping we decided to see what Mallorca had to offer when it comes to Horse stuff. Might have been me who decided that, but oh well, he was happy to get out of the room 😉 

After some googling I found two shops. The Zona EQuus and the Horse shop. As the island is known for it leather works I was hoping one of them would have a nice leather halter. 

We first went to EQuus which was a nice shop full of different brands from cheap to expensive. I was surprised to see how cheap, good breeches seemed to be. Many of them where like 50-60 euro, while in NL they would be at least a 100 euro. I found one halter here, but was so in doubt I didn’t buy it. They also had a Emerald Green Equiline saddle pad I’ve been wanting forever, but would have no clue how to bring that with me back home. Wouldn’t surprise me if Easyjet would charge me extra to carry it on. Haha 

Leather halter from EQuus own brand. Can be bought HERE

Secondly we went to The Horse Shop, which was almost so fancy I felt I had to go back home to change clothes before I went in. They sold all the expensive brands you would want from Kingsland, Prestige, Dyon to Equiline and so forth. They had a leather halter from Dyon, but at 130 euro I let it pass. 

In the end I actually didn’t end up buying anything, but it was interesting to see which brands they have here compared to home. I saw an amazing sheep skin girth that was so much cheaper then in NL. Hope you’ve had a good animal day! 


Kingsland Master Collection 


After a week of a pretty hefty cold I’m finally feeling like I’m coming back to reality. While I’ve laid under the cover in my bed, Kingsland decided to release the news about their new master collection. 

The collection full of beautiful jackets to use during competitions. I specially love the Fairen jacket. You can read more about the line and its specifications here.

Tomorrow it’s finally back to business as usual and it’s said to be beautiful weather so it’s time to get outside. 


Tiny bit wet 

The best part with being an horse owner, must be when you’ve stood half an hour in the pouring rain looking at your horse running in circles. You’re both soaking wet and as you finish the sun starts shining. Seriously…

That’s what happened to us today. Thanks weatherman, we both enjoyed it. 

As Mr. Grumpy looked like a wet cat when we were done he got 20 minutes under the solarium. As he knew his food was served back in his box he was being a very impatient sunman. 

On Monday the veterinarian is coming to look at his back and if needed to give him a massage. It’s a preventive measure I’ve decided to take to make sure he stays good as long as possible. It always makes me a bit nervous though as I just want to know that everything is OK. In yesterday’s lesson it was like he had fire under his hooves, so he seems to be well and fit at the moment. We will have to wait and see. Keep your thumbs up for us! 

By the way, if you need a cheap rain jacket, this one from Kingsland is seriously such a savior in bad weather. I bought mine on sale for 20€. 



What to buy on sale

January is known for being the huge sales month in many countries. In the Netherlands several of the largest equestrian sites have their winter sales on at the moment. 

I personally love sales(why wouldn’t you want to buy something for less money. Haha), but I do know there are people that find them to messy or don’t want to buy “outdated” product. However there are certain things that are really smart to buy on the big sales: 

Saddle pads 

I can’t remember the last time I bought a saddle pad at full price. I personally prefer the euro star pads, but at 70 euro I find them too expensive. So I buy a couple of them when the sales is on instead. Like this one for example: 

Kingsland victor saddle pad. Normally 80,- now 40,- at Divoza

Show shirts

I don’t why, but seems that someone decided that showshirts should be redicolous expensive eventough their full of polyester(my favorite fabric -not). Show shirts change little season by season, so you can save quite a lot on buying them at the large sales in winter and summer. For example the ones at Kingsland haven’t changed all year. So why not buy them a bit cheaper?

Kingsland classic show shirt. Normally 45,- now 35,- at De Kroo.


Winter rugs/ turnout rugs are definitely one of the most expensive things we can buy for our horses. Generally the rugs don’t change much from year to year. So if you know that you need a new one next year it can be smart to buy them on the winter sales instead of at the beginning of autumn. At the moment you can even get Bucas rugs up to 30% off which doesn’t happen a lot. 

Bucas 300 gram smartex winter turnout rug – normally 255,- now 178, euro- at Dochorses


You always need halters and saving some dollars here and there on them is never bad. Their certainly not expensive, but buying them at 50% off feels better then buying them at full price no?

Schockemöhl Tennessee. Normally 17,95, now 8,98,- at Epplejeck


You need boots all year around, but generally they don’t go on sale as much the rest of the year as they do now. So why not buy some at 30-50% as a delayed Christmas gift for yourself? 

Petrie Melbourne – normally 299,- now 199,- at Ooteman

Here you got a list of the sales going on at the moment or coming up: 
Divoza – up to 50% off 

Ooteman – special sale starts 15 January, for now 30% off

Dochorses – up to 30% off on rugs from Rambo, Amigo, Bucas 

Schockemöhl – 50% off certain items 

Epplejeck – winter sale with up to 50% starts Sunday 8 January


Kingsland Tika 

That feeling when you’re looking around for a new winter jacket and your eyes fall on the most expensive of them all. Totally in love with this Kingsland Tika jacket, but at 249,- euro I think I’ll have to pass..

I’ve managed to find it for 170,- on sale at Epplejeck, but I still think that’s quite some money. Definitely a beautiful jacket tough. 


Summer Sales

A lot of people think that I am rich when they look at which product Mr.Grumpy have and use, but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that everything he has beside his saddle and half pad has been bought on sales. I rather save up and wait till the sales and then I know I have something with good quality, instead of something I need to replace after a little while.

Since we are in the middle of summer its time for the good old summer sale. Loads of online horse shops have sales on right now. Below you can see a selection(links in the name):

Divoza – up to 50 %
Epplejeck – up to 50%
Kingsland EP
Kingsland fleece jacket Amy Epplejeck and Divoza
De Kroo – up to 30 %
Doc Horse – up to 70 %
Horze – up to 50 %
Horze cresendo HORZeCresendo Saddle pad Horze
Piaffe Ruitersport – Up to 70 %
Kramer – up to 50 %
HV Polo from Kramer.
Gierman – up to 50 %
Ruiterhart – up to 50 %
Maybe you can score some goodies too!