Just a little bit can’t hurt right? 


So today was the day to try out the new mouthguard on Grumpy, so that he can go on the land with the other horses. 

The reason why he has to use the mouthguard is because he has almost had laminitis(hoefbevangen) in the past and to avoid this coming back he can’t eat grass. 

A lot of people find this type of mouthguards really sad looking and not nessescary. I can’t tell how many times someone has told me “oh, but just a little bit of grass can’t hurt”. So to ensure I wasn’t being a overprotective nelly I had yet another talk with my farrier about it. 

He straight up told me that the best thing I could do for Grumpy, was to not let him out without the mask, cause the chance of him getting laminitis was way to big. He told that he faced huge issues with people standing at big stables being overhauled by people saying their opinion without really knowing and him ending up with yet another horse with laminitis. He said he would advice people not to let the horse grass and then they wouldn’t listen and afterwards come crying back to him. 

I often feel I overreact and become overprotective of Grumpy because other people say “pfft, it’s not that bad”(something I got to learn not to listen to). So today, getting the validation that I am not, that I am just looking out for the well-being of my horse feels good. Laminitis can be extremely painful and even deadly for horses. Advising someone that has almost had it to go out and grass isnt good. Unless you know the horse inside out or am a farrier, you shouldn’t give any advice. 

Luckily Grumpy didn’t react badly to the mask. He just had a bit of a walk around the field and quickly settled down to watch whatever was happening. Which again means that I next week can let him out for more hours. So overall win- win today!