Euro-star venti legging

Interesting interesting

I must admit that this is the first time I have ever seen a half legged leggings for horse riding. I can’t think of any other brand that has done this until now. But Euro-star has.

The idea behind this legging is that when it turns summer and the weather gets to warml, you will have a shorter legged riding breech that keeps you ventilated. This particular pair is called Venti 3/4 legging. So instead of having a full pair, you would only need to wear socks up until your knee.

What do you think? Would this be something you would use? I must admit I don’t use such leggings for normal training, so I doubt I’ll spend my money on these ones.



Meet my newest family member : Drollie. 

Originally we were looking for a dog. But after thorough consideration of our lives at the moment a dog just doesn’t fit in. So we will have to wait with that one. However, we did have space for another little drolletje aka Drollie. Drollie is a 8 week old British shorthair mix. So far she’s the cutest thing ever. Loves to cuddle and purrs so much. She unfortunately got fleas, so will have to go to the animal store first thing in the morning. 

My other cat is not yet a fan tough and is hissing a lot. Right now she’s sitting outside the door of the other cat, sleeping and purring. Don’t know if that’s a good sign or not. Haha. 

Beside picking up the little one today I also went to Epplejeck. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new riding pant, but when it arrived it wasn’t the color I ordered and the pants were from last years collection. Which isn’t really a problem, if it wasn’t for that I only fit this years collection from that particular brand and style. So on I went to swop it and find a new one. I ended up with a Euro-star Dafne with silicon grip. I’m hearing a lot of different things about silicon grip, some love it and most hate it. So will see how it is tomorrow. I believe it’s one of the cheaper Euro-Star ones, it was 129.90. Euro. Epplejeck was kind enough to give me 25% off because of the other pant, which I found pretty nice of them. So saved a little bit on them. 

No Cushing 

As some of you might have read on Facebook or Instagram already, yesterday I got to know that Mr.Grumpy doesn’t have the illness of Cushing/PPID. 
I was quite nervous when I picked up the phone, but the vet delivered the news with a laugh. So most likely he had a virus of some sort this summer when he got all his fur.  After all it doesn’t really matter now, most important is that he is feeling better and building up his muscles and condition again. I can hardly remember my own vitamins, so good thing I don’t have to give him a pill everyday, haha 
I don’t really ride on Saturday, but today we had a nice group lesson. As I’ve been so focused on getting him in the correct canter I’ve never actually tried counter canter, but today I got to practice it a little which was a lot of fun. I’m one of those that get easily bored when I just ride around and around in the arena, but this lesson was full of different figures and excersizes that the lesson went by in a sec. I’m so happy I have a horse that I’m actually able to learn so much from. 

We also had a little manicure/pedicure session afterwards. I wonder when I will be able to stop getting 1 kg of hair off him every time I brush him.  After 3 weeks of brushing we must be getting close to the end 😜.
Hope you’ll have a nice Saturday evening. Mine is going to be spent on the sofa with a nice movie.

Euro-Star ESX CI 1 Journey riding pants 

I wonder how many times I’ve been annoyed because I have no clue where to put my phone while riding, specially in the summer when it’s warm and you’ve got no proper pockets. Little did I know that Euro-Star has actually come up with a really smart riding pants/breeches. They’ve created a pants with a pocket on the front so that you can easily slide your phone into it. For now it’s unfortunately only available in softshell, but hopefully they will bring this to their other pants soon. 

If you know about another brand having this pocket, please let me know!

3 for 2

Of course when you’ve given yourself a shopping ban and have absolutely no money, you get an email that Epplejeck has sales on with pay for 2 things, get 3. I don’t really need anything besides competition shirt and jacket, but as a shopping crazy woman, there are of course things I wouldn’t mind to have.

Aint I colorful? haha

  1. Kingsland competition jacket
  2. Euro-star competition shirt
  3. Harry’s horse breeches
  4. Kingsland sweat rug
  5. Eskadron tendon boots
  6. Kingsland saddle pad
  7. Sprenger bit
  8. Sprenger spurs
  9. Kieffer rubber reins
  10. Kingsland passport holder