BR Sigma cap


A lot of people were excited with the new cap from Harry’s horses. The only thing with that one is that it had an adjustable wheel in the back, which can be really annoying. However it seems to be cap release week as BR has just launched a new one as well. The Sigma. A quite classy cap without the wheel in the back. I will say tough, for those riding dressage, you might have issues getting your bun underneath it, but for training it’s perfect. The price is around 80 euro and you can get it with a normal leather looking top or glitter top in black and blue. Below images of them both.

What do you think of it?


Luxury VS budget steals Helmets


Since we are in the spirits of helmets today I figured I would put together a selection of the helmets currently on the market. As not all of us can afford to pay the top dollar for a helmet I put together a budget versus luxury selection. I used to have a Harry’s Horse for a long time, and though they are perfect for the price they cost I must say my Samshield Shadowmatt is a lot more comfortable. Another difference between the Harry’s Horse and the Samshield is that if you end up falling, Samshield will renew the shield for free as many times as you need. Normally helmets doesn’t come on sale, but Epplejeck and Divoza often have 25 % off on an item of choice, which means on a shadowmatt for 299 euro, you end up saving 80 euro. Always good to save some money 😉


helmets luxury

  1. Charles Owen AYR8 329.95,-
  2. KEP Smart – 279,-
  3. Uvex Suxxeed – 299,-
  4. Charles Owen Wellington 274.95 ,-
  5. Kask Dogma Light – 495,-
  6. Samshields Shadowmatt Classic – 299,-


helmets budget

  1. Horze Triton – 69.95,-
  2. BR Zenith Crystal – 129.95,-
  3. Premiere Aspire II – 89.95,-
  4. BR Viper – 139.95,-
  5. Fouganza – 24.99,-
  6. Imperial Classic – 54.95,-


Uvex cap bag 

I’ve been looking for a nice cap bag for a while for my competition cap, so was super happy when I came across this one from Uvex. 
It has nice fleece inside so your cap definitely doesn’t get damaged. It feels really sturdy and nice. It was about 30 euro at Divoza

Kask Dogma Chrome Flag Cap

To be honest I don’t really need a new cap as I have two already, but I just came across this one while looking around the internet. Might be I’ve been living underneath a rock, but I havent heard too much about the brand Kask before. Would you dare to wear  you’re flag on your cap?

It retails at a whopping 655 euro.