Favorite day of the week 


Ah, how good is Sunday? I wish I could have Sunday everyday. Just need to win the lottery first. Haha 

Today Grumpy has finally trained properly for the first time in 2.5 weeks. I started noticing towards the end of the week that the energy was coming back and he wanted to work again. As he has lost quite some muscles on his back and overall I took him on the longe in hope that, that will build them up quicker. As we are just going to build up slowly and as stamina isn’t the greatest we did a 20 min workout today. Mostly focused on walking and trotting. 

His mud fever/grease heel is still there and his left back leg is the worst one which is still pretty thick. It did open up a bit when working, but it’s either one or the other evil. I can’t have him lose more muscles now. Luckily he let me clean it and put on cream very gently. It’s nice to see he is trusting me after these last weeks of drama. Now he patiently waits to move his leg till have put on all the cream needed. So we are going in the right direction I think. It must mean it hurts less if I’m allowed to touch it. 

It’s currently to warm for his 150g rug, so he is now wearing the Bucas Shamrock power at night, which seems to be giving the perfect temperature. It has the stay-dry inside to ensure all spots are kept dry for the rainrot. 

Tomorrow we are finally going back to lessons. Not only he needs it, but my head as well. Haha. 

Have a nice Sunday! 


New rug : Bucas Celtic 

This morning I woke up by my uncle sending a picture of my niece riding on a horse for the first time. Aaaw. So cute when children sit on horses with the biggest smile ever. 

When people ask my what I miss the most about Norway is,  then that’s it. Not being able to see my little niece and nephew grow up is sometimes hard. My niece is the coolest little girl and I would love bringing her to the stable. But luckily I get to go home now and then to see them. 

After waking up I  started calling around to about 6 different tack-stores to try to find the Bucas Celtic medium rug. Me and Boyfriend had nothing to do today so I wanted to just go and buy it instead of buying it online. But it all turned into a total mission and we ended up taking a nice  road trip to the north of the country to a really small town where they had it at a store called Zeeman dier en paard. This horse obsession is really bringing me all around the country. You need info about a tack shop? I got you. Haha 

Today’s shopping. Musli, Equishine and rug. 

Afterwards we went back to Grumpy for a fitting session. 

Me and Juul having a in depth convo if the rug fitted or not. Haha. Grumpy couldn’t be less interested and just continued eating. 

The reason why I’m buying the Bucas rugs is :

1. Because they have the stay dry inside which means you can lay them directly on your horse after working out eventough he is sweating. Grumpy sweats a lot in the winter and you can sit and wait for an hour for him to dry otherwise. 

2. Because of this stay dry it means the sweat doesn’t go into the rug and make it cold which again affect his back as his muscles become stiffer when he is cold. 

3. They last long and this one have a 3 year garantee which means I don’t have to buy another rug for a long time. 

I now have a 150gram stable rug, then a 300 gram liner and a turnout rug. Which means I’m set. After having researched and thought about it for a week I seriously don’t want to see or read about rugs for a very very long time. Now I’m going to go and eat bread and drink water for the rest of the month. 💸

Have a nice eve!

Bucas Freedom / pink lightning 


So this might not be the color I would choose for Mr.Grumpy(he would possibly try to kill me), but I do find it cute. 

Bucas has 3 new pink rugs for the spring which is the freedom turnout, freedom summer rug and freedom fly rug. Freedom is the cheapest line that Bucas carries, but it still comes with the Bucas quality. The rugs are now in stores.

Freedom turnout – 84.50 euro

Freedom fly rug with neck – 74.50 euro.

Can we just take a minute to admire this horrible photoshop job done by Bucas? Is that really the promo photo you want flying around on the internet? Pfft. At least don’t cut off one leg. Haha.

Freedom summer rug 54.50 euro. 


Stiff as a brick 

Ola Ola, 

Anyone else than me addicted to the tv series The O.A? I started watching it last night and completely lost track of time. 

Boy did I feel that this morning when not one bone of me wanted to get out of bed. The serie is really good so far though, so for those liking a bit weird sci-fi stuff it’s a good one. 

Another one who was having a hard day today was Mr.Grumpy. He was so incredible stiff that for the first 30 min that I was on him I was contemplating calling on my instructor to help me out. 

Horse grumpy bucas

But then I figured out I had to do it myself if I wanted to call myself a proper horse owner. So on we went with loads of transitions, excellerations and sideways movements and little by little he got better. It took me about an hour to get him relaxed, but at least we got there. You know, that turtle that won the race? Haha . In the end we got to practice the left canter transition as well. I am practicing to get him into the canter wherever I want. Three corners went alright, but the last one I probably had to do ten times before he did it, but at least we got there. Afterwards we spent a long time to slow down to avoid his muscles turning sour. 

Horse bridle schockemöhl

After the session he got some snacks with vitamins to help with his muscles plus he stayed under his therapy rug for a while. Considering trying out the solarium/sunbed tomorrow to see if it will help him a little. 

Grumpy therapy Recuptex Bucas

I am happy that I decided to go on by myself. It feels good knowing that I can now get him relaxed on my own, which wouldn’t be possible a half a year ago. My own riding today was both good and bad. My hands are slowly moving towards where they should be without to much movement, but I still give to much aids which I need to work on. Luckily tomorrow is another day and another day to practice to getting better. 

Boyfriend is gone for the next two days because of a radio show, so this lady is going to enjoy a Melanzane I just made and some Netflix series. 

Hope you’ll have a good evening. 


What to buy on sale

January is known for being the huge sales month in many countries. In the Netherlands several of the largest equestrian sites have their winter sales on at the moment. 

I personally love sales(why wouldn’t you want to buy something for less money. Haha), but I do know there are people that find them to messy or don’t want to buy “outdated” product. However there are certain things that are really smart to buy on the big sales: 

Saddle pads 

I can’t remember the last time I bought a saddle pad at full price. I personally prefer the euro star pads, but at 70 euro I find them too expensive. So I buy a couple of them when the sales is on instead. Like this one for example: 

Kingsland victor saddle pad. Normally 80,- now 40,- at Divoza

Show shirts

I don’t why, but seems that someone decided that showshirts should be redicolous expensive eventough their full of polyester(my favorite fabric -not). Show shirts change little season by season, so you can save quite a lot on buying them at the large sales in winter and summer. For example the ones at Kingsland haven’t changed all year. So why not buy them a bit cheaper?

Kingsland classic show shirt. Normally 45,- now 35,- at De Kroo.


Winter rugs/ turnout rugs are definitely one of the most expensive things we can buy for our horses. Generally the rugs don’t change much from year to year. So if you know that you need a new one next year it can be smart to buy them on the winter sales instead of at the beginning of autumn. At the moment you can even get Bucas rugs up to 30% off which doesn’t happen a lot. 

Bucas 300 gram smartex winter turnout rug – normally 255,- now 178, euro- at Dochorses


You always need halters and saving some dollars here and there on them is never bad. Their certainly not expensive, but buying them at 50% off feels better then buying them at full price no?

Schockemöhl Tennessee. Normally 17,95, now 8,98,- at Epplejeck


You need boots all year around, but generally they don’t go on sale as much the rest of the year as they do now. So why not buy some at 30-50% as a delayed Christmas gift for yourself? 

Petrie Melbourne – normally 299,- now 199,- at Ooteman

Here you got a list of the sales going on at the moment or coming up: 
Divoza – up to 50% off 

Ooteman – special sale starts 15 January, for now 30% off

Dochorses – up to 30% off on rugs from Rambo, Amigo, Bucas 

Schockemöhl – 50% off certain items 

Epplejeck – winter sale with up to 50% starts Sunday 8 January


Steal of the week – Bucas anniversary turnout rug 

So, a last steal of the week this year. 

You can now buy this Bucas Anniversary turnout rug for only 49.99 euro(normally 99 euro) at Divoza

The rug is 200 gram and waterproof. So if you want Bucas quality for cheap money, this is a good deal. 

Flying lungehelp 

I think Mr.Grumpy shares my thoughts regarding lunging and found out he had to bring some action to it.

As mentioned before I use a lungehelp while lunging him to make sure he uses his back properly. 

Like this one.

Today everything went fine, until he started cantering and in some miraclelous way, managed to get his foot over on one side so the whole thing got loose and started flying around him like a rocking ring. 

The lungehelp is connected to the bit, so for a second I got really scared he would step on it and pull out his entire mouth. But as gracious as the man is, he decide to stop and looked at me like I was a retard for putting this thing on him in the first place. Guess I got to tighten it a bit more next time.

I did the rest of the training without the help and he was doing really well. He is becoming more and more relaxed in his neck and back so towards the end he was freely walking with his head towards the sand. I really wish I could feel this excited about loosing wheight as well, I would have had a body like Doutzen right now. Haha

Other then that no more exciting things to report. Other than that I’ve been in bed since 10. Yep, I’m a total grandma. 

Have a nice evening.


Jumping jack doll 

Oh how time flies when you’re busy. 

Two days I’ve gone by without me being able to update the blog. 

Let’s start of with yesterday. When I came to the stable I noticed that Mr.Grumpy was coughing a lot. After checking his stable I quickly realized that it was because of the new hay. He is very sensitive to such things. But I was adviced to still ride so on we went.

Have you ever had the feeling of sitting on your horse like a jumping jack doll? Yesterday my arms and legs were literally flying everywhere. Mr.Grumpy was moving really well though and we did our first proper travers together, which was a lot of fun. I love learning those stuff. Mr. Grumpy did cough a lot in the beginning, but after a while it stopped. 

Don’t know what a jumping jack doll is? Here you go:

Just imagine my head on top of that bear. 

Today I wanted to redeem myself a little as my head wasn’t all there during yesterday’s ride, so today I focused on keeping arms and legs where they should be. Mr.Grumpy was extremely slow in the beginning, but after a while he got more loose and forward thinking. 

He still has that nasty cough so today I put him on some medicine so hopefully it will be gone soon. He sounded a bit more droggy/slimey today, but hopefully it won’t get worse. Before I leave the stable I always make sure to do his stretches. Today he was his lovely self before doing them:

Hence the name of this blog. Haha


Review : Bucas Recuptex therapy rug 

I first came across this rug about half a year ago. Bucas had just launched it and I found it very interesting for Mr.Grumpy as he has back problems. However due to the fact that I couldn’t find any comments or reviews about it online I was very hesitant to buy it. 170 euro is not something you want to spend on something that might not work.

However in the last few months, more and more riders/ physiotherapists / bloggers and vloggers have started using it and after reading some really good things about it I decided to give it a go. I’ve now used it for a couple of months, so it’s finally time to review it.

What is Bucas Recuptex therapy rug?

This is what Bucas says themselves: “Bucas has developed a brand new Recuptex Therapy rug which not only prevents numerous medical problems but can also help treat a vast array of ailments such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle soreness
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Whither soreness
  • Kissing spine

The material is made from an extremely fine stainless steel mesh so acts like a Faraday Cage, reflecting the magnetic fields created inside the body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horse’s body and back, which heals and reduces both swelling and inflammation and promotes faster healing.”

As most of you know, Mr.Grumpy has kissing spine at the back of his back. Specially when it gets cold you notice he has pain and becomes a lot stiffer. I decided to get the rug to relief his pain a bit and in hope that it would make him more supple and loose in his movements.

Here you can see the special material Bucas mentiones above.

Does it work? 

Yes! With Mr.Grumpy I have definitely noticed a difference. The first time I used it I had a different horse while riding. He was a lot looser in his back.

I put it on him 30 min before riding and leave it on after for as long as I am at the stable. Bucas recommends using it up to two hours before and two hours after. After I got this rug Mr.Grumpy has grown a lot more muscles and generally seem a lot more fit. I don’t think that’s all because of this rug, but it has definitely helped him. His back is also a lot less stiff and painful. When you put it on you’ll notice the back of your horse will be a lot warmer due to the rug.

Another good thing about it is that it’s also a cooler, so you don’t have to use another rug while the horse is sweaty after riding. I don’t use my other cooler anymore after I got this.

My final conclusion is that both me and Mr.Grumpy are super happy with the rug and use it everyday.

Would I recommend it? 

I find it very difficult to say if I would recommend it. It has definitely worked for Mr.Grumpy, but due to the steep price I’m afraid to recommend it as it’s pretty shitty if people pay the price and it doesn’t work. I know some stores lend it out for a week so you can test it yourself before buying. I would recommend to do that if you find it too expensive like I did in the beginning.  You can buy it at Epplejeck for 168 euro.


Chilled out Saturday 

Gilmore girls, sofa, candy and a cup of tea is how my life looks like right now. So chill. 

I got up early to go to the stable today. Me and Mr.Grumpy had a nice ride in a children lesson, but it was actually good to go back to the basics and hear all the things you normally don’t focus on. Slowely, but surely I’m getting his attention quicker and he is listening better to my aids.

 (He is growing muscles again,whoop whoop)

Today’s lesson was very focused on how to ride a good circle, something I hate to practice as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t like to do them, but hey, you can’t avoid it just because he doesn’t like to. Luckily it went better towards the end and I got some good tips on entering canter. So overall a good lesson. 

So I’m now on a complete shopping ban as Mr.Grumpy doesn’t need anything else, but the last thing I bought before the ban entered was this stable rug from Bucas. 

I had 150g rug and a 450g, but nothing inbetween and the 150g wasn’t enough anymore. So after a lot of searching I ended up on this 300 gram select quilt from Bucas with stay dry fleece on the inside. Which means I can put it on him eventough we’ve just been excersizing as it will dry up the sweat. Makes life a little simpler if he were to grow his teddy beer fur again. I bought mine at Hypoestore with 25% last week or so. 

Two weeks ago I won a horse shampoo from Naf on the blog of Horsegloss. Today I could finally pick it up at my local horseshop. 

I must admit that I don’t shower Mr.Grumpy with a shampoo that often as he doesn’t really need it. So this one will be given to little Bindy tomorrow as she loves all things pink and her horse loves to get dirty, so she has better use of it. It smells super delicious and the design is pretty cute! 

Something I’ve noticed in the horse world is that when it comes to marketing they are extremely far behind. If I would have been Naf I would have provided this shampoo in a nice box with a little note attached to it. However I just got it handed over in a store. Such little things can make people love your brand so much more. Ah well, I still got my shampoo 🙂 

Now is time to crawl under my blanket again and stay there for the rest of the day. Have a nice Saturday.