Road to recovery – update 2

Ola ola,

Finally it’s almost time for check up number two. The vet is coming on Friday to see how Grumpy has developed since we started our lunge marathon a couple of weeks ago.

Besides that he is stretching a lot easier he has also started to move with a lot more elasticity. Some moments I can see glimpses of how he probably was moving before he got his back issues. Such a different horse!

Body wise he has started to build more muscles again and his back is a lot more straight then swayed as before the shots. When you lunge on the left side everything is really good, but when moving to the right side you notice he has issues moving his right back legs in the beginning. After some rounds on that side this is gone again tough. They do say it takes some time for the infuse to work, so maybe it will get better over time and with some training.

I wonder what the answer will be on Friday. On one side I really want to ride again, but on the other I want to wait till I know he can handle it. Till then we will keep marathoning.

“Giiive me more apples, it’s so good!”


World Mental Health Day

Ola ola,

Today it’s the world mental health day.

Such a heavy topic, but such an important one. Every single day thousands are suffering alone, because they do not dare to talk about it.

A lot of people asks me why I have a horse. Why bother to spend so much time on a hobby.

When I’m around Grumpy or ride, it’s the only time my brain shuts down. It’s silent. I don’t think about ten different things at the same time like I normally do. Even when I sleep I have several dreams a night that I can remember when I wake up, which makes it feel like I haven’t slept at all.

So for me to keep my mental health at bay, I need Grumpy. When people come to me with similar issues, I always tell them to find their silence. The one thing that makes their brain shut off. For me that’s the only time I recharge and make me feel like I can face the world again.

Most of us have someone in our close proximity that is struggling with mental health. Maybe take the time today to send them a message and ask them how they are. Our lives are so busy, we often forget to look further then our own nose and sometimes we don’t realize how important those messages are to the ones close to us.

If you feel your mental health is going down, make sure to visit your doctor to figure out what can be done to make you feel better. You do not need to suffer alone.


Road to recovery – Day 1

Ola ola,

Today was the first day of road to recovery and our lovely lunging marathon as I like to call it. I’ve decided that Grumpy is going to be rewarded with a forrest ride if we get so far that we can ride again. Cause seeing that lunging arena from the inside 10 days long is definitely not something I’m looking forward to.

But nonetheless it has to be done and today was day 1. I was wondering if I would see any difference right away, but didn’t really know what to expect.

The first thing I noticed was that he stretched his neck more or less from the beginning. Something he normally doesn’t do. After becoming warmed up he moved with more swung then normal as well. As I want to see the difference from day 1 till day 10 I took some photos. Looking forward to see if there will be any!


When the horse behaves like his owner

Ola ola,

If there is one thing that I really and by really I mean really don’t like. Then it’s needles.

I thought that after watching countless of hours of Botched I would be able to handle the needles going into Grumpy today, but man. Those things are not normal.

The first sedation went positively Ok, he didn’t lift me up as much as he normally does. But let’s just say the rest wasn’t that much of a walk in the park. At a certain point I had to get out for some fresh air as my face was turning all kind of colors. Doesn’t help that I’ve got the worst flue ever. But hey, baby comes first.

Today Grumpy got 4 injections in his back with infection stopper. Then he got an infuse with a liquid that stops the bones from dissolving. For the next week I need to lunge 5 days without specific training tools and then the week after I need to lunge with training tools to make his back stronger. In the meanwhile I need to give him infection stoppers trough his food every day as well.

Luckily I have the sweetest boyfriend who held Grumpy’s head up for half an hour while the infuse was working. And a vet that can laugh of my dramatic ways. Haha

But we survived and that’s the most important.


No worms

Ola ola,

Someone is starting to feel better. Not me that is, but Grumpy.

A month ago I started giving him glucosamine and it seems to be working. He is surely feeling fitter as he now sees things here and there that he normally wouldn’t react to. Today he was suddenly walking me on a trip instead of me him.

Every half a year my stable does sand and worm check up, just to be on the secure side. I was sure that Grumpy would have some sand in his digest as he likes to lick sand every now and then, but nada. He is completely clean.

Hope everyone will have a nice evening and weekend!


The road to recovery

Ola ola,

Now that I finally know what’s wrong with Grumpy I can focus on recovery. Even tough I know I can’t take away the things he has, I want to make the rest of his years as nice as possible for him.

The one thing the vet told me before leaving the clinic was that it’s important that even if I can’t ride at the moment, Grumpy can’t stay to long in his box. The longer he stands still, the stiffer he will become. But how do you do that when you work 40 hours a week?

Luckily we are stabled at a full service stable which puts him in the paddock for a couple of hours every morning. Then around lunch time my boyfriend puts him in the walker and in the paddock for a little. At around 6 I finish work and I either lunge, let him go for another round in the paddock or try to make fun games with him and ending it with a walk.

It’s a bit of a commitment, but I’m already noticing he is becoming less stiff and moves better when lunging. Tomorrow I’m calling the vet for the appointment to set the injections. From there on we can start looking at building his muscles again. I can’t wait to see if it will work or not.

I got this picture from the stable this morning when they put Grumpy outside for his morning chat with his friends. So pretty!


Kissing spine and arthritis

Ola ola,

A couple of days has gone since we visited the clinic and I’ve finally landed a little.

The days leading up to the visit I was walking around with stomach ache and loads of anxiety, cause in the back of my mind I knew the visit wouldn’t make me happy.

The visit in itself wasn’t that bad. The vet looked trough him thoroughly with taking loads of photos and echos to make sure he had done everything and checked everything. The last half hour was probably the worst, going trough every single photo and hearing him explaining everything he saw. Most was good, but then there was the news I didn’t want to hear.

I knew when I bought Grumpy that he had a bad back. I could have left him standing right there and then, but as you know. You fall in love and then there is no turning back. His back luckily haven’t changed that much. The back has become a tiny bit worse, but if you consider the 3 year gap, I thought it would be worse.

Then there was the one thing I didn’t want to hear. Grumpy has arthritis in his sacroiliac joint. The part that joins the back with the legs. As a natural reaction I told the vet I never wanted to ride him again. It’s against my interest to sit on a horse that has pain. However after calming down a bit, talking to a few people and reading about it I realized that it’s not the end of the world. No, I cannot remove it, but I can try to make it better.

It also explains a lot of the issues I’ve had. The lifting of the tail when riding, the problems with left canter. I thought I was going crazy, but there actually was an explanation.

The plan for now is to try inflammation injections to see if that will help. My vet wants to try an infusion, but of course my insurance is standing on their back legs and doesn’t want to pay it. So we shall see.

I tried to research a lot about this when I heard about it, but couldn’t find much. So I’ll take you along for the ride. At the moment I am not riding him till he has had his injections, but we are trying to find fun things to do to keep him moving instead of just lunging. If you have any tips, please let me know!



Ola ola,

I thought we had entered autumn, but seems like it’s been put on hold. Grumpy already has a bit of autumn fur and is rather sweaty now with our sudden warm weather.

But that aside, Friday we are going to the clinic. For the last couple of months we’ve been back and forward trying to figure out why he is not walking like he used to. He is normal in walk and canter, but the minute you try to trot he tries to curl himself up and doesn’t want to move forward. Then he keeps doing that for a minute before he suddenly trots completely normal again. From the ground you can clearly see that his back legs take shorter strides for a while. The weird thing is that for the rest of the ride you won’t notice anything and he is back to normal.

I could potentially just go on and keep riding him, but I feel it’s my duty to him as his owner to figure it what it is before it gets worse. For all I know it could be a muscle issue as the arena’s at the current stable is a lot different from the old one, but it could also be something more serious. I must admit I’m a bit scared of the results, but I rather want to know what it is then keep thinking about it. First and foremost I do not want Grumpy to have any pain and depending on that we will make whatever decision is needed.

So keep your thumbs twisted for Friday, until then, have a good week!


A Sunday after my own heart

Ola ola,

On one side I’m not entirely sure I am loving this colder weather, but on the other side today we really enjoyed it.

As I came home from a festival at 05.00 last night I decided to take it slow today. He’s been training well all week, so he deserved a day off. This meant that Grumpy got to play outside. There was a big water puddle in his paddock after all the rain yesterday, which I thought he would love. I was majorly mistaken, he wasn’t even slightly interested in it. He did decide to roll on one side. Then he found it was to cold so didn’t not roll over. Haha

After cleaning up the mess we went to the solarium. He had never tried this one, but went in bravely and enjoyed it for 20 min.

For the rest he got one to many candies and I cleaned up my closet while he was eating his afternoon food. I really wish I could win the lottery so that I could do this everyday, but then I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much anymore.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Body Parts don’t fit together

Holy moly,

Sometimes I wonder if my legs are actually connected to my body.

After fixing the saddle last week Grumpy was moving so well, until yesterday. All I simply wanted to do was to move my left leg a bit back, put pressure with my right leg, keep my hands still and have him go into left canter, but no, no no no no no. I’ve been given a body who does not coordinate what so ever.

Body :”You want to move that left leg? Oh I’ll just push your arms forward then so you lose connection with your horse”

Grumpy is trying his best to understand what I mean, but he is going all over the place. Gosh I am happy he has not kicked me off yet, which most horses would.

Sometimes I really wonder why I didn’t decide to play chess or something that didn’t need body coordination. Would have made my life so much simpler.

But as my mom always said when I came crying, “practice makes queen” so gotta bite my teeth together and believe the process. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Norway for a couple of days, but once I’m back it’s back to bootcamp. Even if I need to cry my way trough it, I’m bloody gonna get that coordination together.

If you got any tips on how to fix it, let me know!