Horse Youtuber's in English

In the beginning when I just got Mr.Grumpy I used to search around on youtube for the most informative Youtubers to learn from. Considering I’ve not grown up with horses, nor been a real penny girl I was missing a lot of knowledge like how to clean a horse properly, how to cut his mane and so on. In-between all the garbage videos, cause boy there is a lot of garbage youtubers you can find some that are pretty good. I’ve listed some of the  english ones I find useful below:

Evention TV

Dom and Jaimy Schramm from Evention tv has a lot of useful videos regarding all things horse related. They haven’t posted much in a while, but their videos are great for general information like how to load a horse, how to get a fitting saddle and so on.

Dressage Mastery Academy

Natasha Althoff is an Australian Grand Prix rider and her biggest dream is to one day attend and win the Olympics riding on a Frisian horse. Her channel is more riding related and you can find loads of great movies on how to do certain movements with your horse or just how to for example sit correctly in the saddle. Her enthusiasm is really contagious as well.

I do watch a couple of Dutch ones as well which I can share later. If you have any good Youtubers to share, please let me know.

Bucas Recuptex Therapy Rug 

I’ve seen this rug float around on Facebook lately, but would have no idea if it really works.

This is what Bucas says about it : “Bucas has developed a brand new Recuptex Therapy rug which not only prevents numerous medical problems but can also help treat a vast array of ailments such as:


Muscle soreness

Soft tissue damage

Whither soreness

Kissing spine”

I would be interested in trying it, but find the price a bit steep for something you don’t know whether it works or not. You can buy it Here for 170 euro.

Here you can see more about it:

If you’ve tried it, feel free to let me know what you think about it!


A month ago I received an email from Epplejeck that they had set up a sister company called For those that doesn’t know it, its an online shop for all things healthy that you’re horse might need, from stuff for their coats or food supplements and so forth.

My horse normally uses Vitamin E and Biotine Plus from NAF, however I noticed that the products from the Horsefitshop was significantly cheaper than the ones from NAF. Normally I would never let money be the decision maker, but after checking the contents they were more or less the same, so I thought I would try to order from Horsefitshop this time instead.

I really like the design of the bottle/container, however I find it a shame it doesn’t come with a handle, so that they are easier to carry.

Vitamine E :  As Mr.Grumpy isn’t the youngest player around anymore, he gets a bit of Vitamin E for his muscles. I opened it to check how the smell was and I almost felt like eating it like candy, it smells delicious vanilla or something in that direction.

Biotine Plus: As mentioned before, Mr. Grumpy becomes a hairy bear in the winter, a lot of hair which needs to come off at some point when we now come closer to the summer. Normally he has had some issues with letting it go, but after I started giving Biotine his coat has become so shiny and nice. The hair was off in less then 2 weeks. I also give Biotine for his hoofs as these are not always that great. I’ve now given it for 3 months and definitely notice that they have become stronger. Super happy with that.

Magnesium: I’ve actually never given him Magnesium before, but after reading that its good for stress horses I thought I would give it a go. Mr.Grumpy can easily get stressed if there are horses or things around him that he doesn’t have control of. Magnesium might help him take a bit of edge off and make him stress less, and considering its a product that he will just pee out if he gets too much I figured it was worth a shot.

Will give the products a shot and come back with a review. All products can be bought here.

Lunging squats 

Pfft Today’s been busy so far. Started my day with circuit training in the forrest. Was super nice when I was done, but in the middle I tought I was going to both throw up and faint at the same time. Haha. But the start has been made and it can only get better from here on. Thereafter I hurried to Epplejeck(huge horse store chain in the Netherlands) to pick up an order before I hurried to the stable to lunge Mr. Grumpy. Afterwards I made sure he looked all pretty again before he was given his daily carrots. I’ll show later what I got at Epplejeck. Have a nice Saturday!

Kask Dogma Chrome Flag Cap

To be honest I don’t really need a new cap as I have two already, but I just came across this one while looking around the internet. Might be I’ve been living underneath a rock, but I havent heard too much about the brand Kask before. Would you dare to wear  you’re flag on your cap?

It retails at a whopping 655 euro.


Good Morning 

Happy friday to you all.

So far today I’ve been to the stable to let Mr. Grumpy out for a little. As the weather here in the Netherlands is pretty sad at the moment he had to wear his raindress as I call it.

As always he had a bit of a roll.. Haha

Review: Rambo Dry Rug Cooler

In the last half year I’ve bought a lot of new stuff for my horse, like rugs, saddle, tendon boots and so forth. Before I buy anything I always go on the internet to see reviews from other people regarding that specific product that I want.

However I’ve noticed that in the horse world I hardly manage to find any, specially if the product is new. Therefore I thought I would start reviewing the products that I buy, so other people like me might find it useful.

The first product that I will be reviewing is the new Rambo Dry rug cooler. I’ve had mine for a couple of months now, so I feel I can give a proper review about it.

This is what the producer says about the product : “The Rambo Dry Rug is a fantastic microfiber towelling cloth rug with a smart hideaway neck hood. It dries your horse in record time, absorbing moisture to leave a high gloss and smooth finish to your horse’s coat.  Roll up the neck/hood to dry the mane and neck, roll back into a hideaway pocket when not needed.”

My opinion about the rug: 

In the winter season my horse becomes a proper hairy bear, but because he is afraid of the shaving machine I unfortunately cannot shave him. This means that every time we have a proper ride I have to wait forever for him to dry. The cooler rug I used just didn’t cut it, so I decided to start looking for a new one and came across this one after searching for hours on the internet. At first I didn’t believe the that it would really dry my horse that fast, but was willing to try.

I must say I am super satisfied with this rug.The first time I had it in my hands I found the fabric super weird as it feels like a bathrobe kind of fabric. However it definitely dries my horse super quickly, as fast as 20 minutes at times and it leaves him with such a shiny glossy coat. The only downside with the rug is that because its light grey, it easily gets dirty, and if your horse rolls in the stable everything sticks to it because of its special fabric.


  • Dries Mr.Grumpy fast
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine
  • Does make your horse look cute (not important, but who doesn’t like that.haha)


  • If you’re horse is a roller in his stable, everything sticks to this rug. Mine did it once and I had to spend an hour taking of the hay again.
  • You can roll up the neck piece, but you need to do it neatly, otherwise it doesn’t look very nice.
  • Price. Not everyone can afford or want to spend 85 euro on a cooler.

You can buy the rug HERE and HERE.

Ps: My horse is 167 cm, and uses the size medium. The rug cannot be too big as its supposed to be in close contact with the coat.

There is a first for everything.

Woohoo first blog post.

So who is that grumpy horse?

After 3 years riding at a stable on different “stable horses” I decided it was time to buy my own. Looking back I probably would have advised myself to wait a bit so I could learn more about horses before buying one, however my stubborn self decided it was time, so half a year ago Mr. grumpy walked into my life.

Mr grumpy is my sweet 15 year old Zangersheide gelding(x Artos Z) who has a slight tendency to become grumpy if there is something happening that he doesn’t like. He specially hates most other horses as well as rugs. If he didn’t become such a fluffy hairy bear in the winter I would let him stand “naked” all year around.

He is bred as a jumping horse, but we do dressage together as he turns a big cray cray if he has to jump. Unfortunately something happened in his past that made him really scared of jumping, but as I’m not a jumping hero either we fit well together. Even tough we go through life arguing a lot I couldn’t imagine life without him. He makes me laugh everyday.

The last half year has gone by in a whirlwind, and I’ve certainly been on the speed train when it comes to learning about horse handling. As I don’t want to forget everything I’ve learned and our journey together I’ve set up this blog as a online diary. Hopefully we will start our first dressage competition this summer.