Small wound 

Today while taking Mr.Grumpy out for a walk, my boyfriend noticed that Mr.Grumpy was bleeding from a wound on his left back leg. He had been let out earlier today so he probably had kicked himself a little or something along those lines. As the worried owner I was I checked with my instructor that it wasn’t something serious and after cleaning it I took him out on the lunge to check if he walked ok.

He luckily didn’t walk weird or anything like that so I decided to go to Epplejeck(horse shop) to buy some Betadine creme to put on it and let him rest a bit. By the way, all the people at Epplejeck today, gees. Insane what a bit of sales can do to people, I had to stand half an hour in line to buy my creme.

The weird thing is that I had a tought about it yesterday that the health of our horses can turn so quickly without our control. They can go from ok to totally not ok in a second. I’m glad it was something minor, want my lovely bit furry friend to be ok all the time.

Ariat Tek Grip gloves

I’ve stood in several equestrian stores and tried on gloves after gloves. Unfortunately because I have rather small hands a lot of the gloves out there doesn’t fit me, yes even the Roeckl doesn’t fit me. I can’t stand when there is a piece of fabric left over at the tip of your fingers. After a lot of searching I came across the Tek Grip from Ariat. These fit me like a glove literally, haha, they also have a winter version which is great if you do a lot of outdoor riding.

So if you got small hands like me, you should definitely check these out. They go for a about 35 euro, you can buy them here and here. Both sites have 25 and 21% off the price of a product of your choice this weekend, so then they become a bit cheaper.

Horse braids

For the clinic today I decide to braid the mane of Mr.Grumpy. It’s something I’ve never done before as we haven’t started competitions yet, but as I wanted him to look a bit pretty I decided it was time to give it a try. Luckily for me he has been out on the competition field many times before, so he stood still the entire time I was braiding him, makes it a bit easier. As I had never done it before I decided to research different ways yesterday, below you can see some of the options I came across.


Today Mr.Grumpy and me had the chance to ride in a clinic for a dressage Grand Prix rider at the stable where Mr.Grumpy stands.

As it was my turn at 11.45 I made sure to be there quite early so I was able to braid and make Mr.Grumpy clean and pretty. The clinic went pretty well, but the problem with the left canter appeared again. Unfortunately I’ve not been consequent enough in my riding from the beginning which I am now paying for. My homework for the coming weeks will be to be quick and consequent right from the beginning and not let him have his way at all.

The rest of the day I spent letting him out and thereafter I watched the rest of the combinations ride, which was really nice. I often have a tendency to think that everyone rides better then me or that they have better moving horses and it was nice to see that every struggles with different issues. It was also nice to see horses in all shapes and forms and at different levels. Definitely a day well spent at the stable 🙂

I tried taking some photos after braiding, but Mr.Grumpy would have none of it. So unfortunately the photos from today ain’t the best.

That feeling 

When you’ve been trying to ride well the whole week and you finally make it happen. Today we started off a bit slow and thereafter picked up the phase. At the end he was doing extended trot like it was no ones business. We also rode outside as well, which is also going better and better, but then again he is behaving really well, so I have nothing to worry about. On Sunday we are riding a clinic for a Grand Prix rider, going to be an interesting first time experience. Slightly nervous!

Have a good weekend.

Photos from yesterday and today.

Sandro Boy 9

Even tough I love Mr.Grumpy loads, I wouldn’t mind having this one in my stable. I tried finding photos that made his true beauty shine, but I think you need to see him on telly or so, then he is way better looking then on the photos and of course you can see his amazing movements then. Before I bought Mr.Grumpy I always said I wanted an Oldenburger.

2001. Oldenburg Gelding / Sandro Hit v Argentinus
He is currently being ridden by Lyndal Oatley from Australia.

Hay castles and counter canter

When you have a smart horse you continuously have to outsmart them. Mr. Grumpy is one of those horses. For a while now he has been making a fool of me when it comes to the left canter. Either he would decide to just stop or he would start to counter canter. Because he knew that I would then have to slow down and start again. Now that I’ve finally started to react quicker and pushing the right buttons he does the “correct” canter more or less from the beginning. The last half year he has been trying me out on so many things, but the canter has been my biggest annoyance. Now that we finally are becoming a team it feels so good!

Today his box was completely cleaned out and filled with new hay. For some reason it seems that he wants to save it as he pushes it all to one corner making a hay castle. Kinda cute.

Fetlock boots

While cleaning Mr.Grumpy’s legs today I noticed that he was a bit sensitive on his left backleg, it was like the fetlock boot had rubbed his skin to hard.  As the good owner I am I decided to go online to find a pair of new ones. He already has a nice pair for indoor, but I want one he can use outdoor that doesn’t cost half of my salary. Below you can see some of the ones I found:

1.BR Ultimo 49.95 e

2. BR classic 15.95 e

3. Eskadron Flexisoft classic 32.95 e

4. Back on Track Royal 54.96 e

5. Eskadron Flexisoft air 70.95 e

6. Epplejeck proride 13.95 e

I have the Eskadron Flexisoft Air for inside usage, but though I absolutely love them, I cannot afford another pair for outside. I think I will buy the BR classic for now.