Mattes half saddle pad 

About two months ago I got a new saddle. The only thing with it is that Mr.Grumpy needs very open shoulder space so that he can move properly, which means I need to use a saddle pad for it to fit perfectly. I already have the one from Mattes which has a fur edge around it, but it doesn’t fit properly in the back. So now I am on the lookout for the Mattes half saddle pad. So far I’ve only found one store that has it right now, so I don’t have to order it for weeks, but they say the size is universal which isn’t true. I need it in large, but wouldn’t know which size they have as it doesn’t say the size online. If you know where to get it, please let me know!


I normally don’t see Mr.Grumpy on Tuesdays, but as I didn’t see him Sunday or yesterday I decided to go to the barn to give him a cuddle and some carrots. He had been playing in the sand, so he was pretty dirty, haha. There is also a little foal born at the barn that I went to check out. She was sleeping so cute beside her mom, made my heart melt! Tomorrow it’s finally time to ride again, can’t wait.

Happy camper!

Arrow to the head

Yesterday when I was about to go to Mr.Grumpy I suddenly got really dizzy and nauseous, as I had been the same the night before I didn’t understand what was going on. However when I started thinking back to what I had been doing on Saturday I realized I probably suffered a light concussion of some sort. On saturday I went to this BBQ with my gym where you could shoot with Bow and Arrow. Unfortunately a guy decide to use my head as a target instead of the actually target and launched one straight into the side of my back-head. It hurt right there and then, but then I forgot about it till I got ill. So unfortunately no riding Mr.Grumpy for me yesterday and today. I will go to him later to give him some carrots though, cant go to long without seeing my big furry friend. He’s been ridden by his extra rider, so luckily he’s not been standing still.

Miss my funny buddy.

New Riding Boots

Finally after quite some time saving I will be able to buy new riding boots. Now I just ride with a pretty cheap, pretty shabby pair of a random brand leather boots. However if I want to ride competitions I need to get myself a new pair.

I’ve been researching a bit for different ones, but still haven’t fully figured out which ones I want to buy. As the price for leather boots are quite steep I want to make sure I know exactly which pair I want before spending so much money. The ones I’ve been checking out are from the brands : Derby, de Niro, Amazona sueca Petrie and Cavallo. Here are some of the options I am looking at:

Cavallo – Grand Prix Plus

Cavallo – Piaffe Plus

Petrie – Olympic

Petrie – Allure

However I think this pair is the one I will come home with. The Petrie Allure.
What do you think? 


Goals 2016

As 2016 will be our first proper year together I’ve set up a few goals that we are working towards. I think its important to have goals to be able to improve and get to know eachother better.

  • Left Canter

As you’ve probably(hopefully) read before we are having problems with the left canter. He has a tendency to counter canter instead of just going into the left canter. He is not doing this with any other riders, so its a miscomunication between us that I need to fix. If I go from walk directly to counter we have no problem, its from trot to canter it comes up. This one should be gone in a couple of months hopefully. He did a great job in fridays lesson atleast.

  • Competitions

My ultimate goal with competitions this is to start in B and hopefully ride that out. Mr.Grumpy knows everything up to level Z, so it shouldnt be that difficult. Once I have the left canter under control and feel I can do a round well I am going to start.

  • Riding in the forrest

Mr.Grumpy is stalled in an area with great hacking possibilities. A short ride away you can also find mile long beaches which I would love to ride on one day. Unfortunately my anxiety for riding outside is pretty bad, but its sometime we are really practicing on now that the weather has become better. He is super calm and nice outside, so I just need to sit back and relax myself. Hopefully by the end of the year we can ride alone in the forrest.

  • Flying changes

This one is more for fun. As he is a retired eventer/jumper he does them really easily. Hopefully by the end of the year we will go from doing a single change to a double. Plus we need to do the single ones more smoothly and prettier.

  • Overall

However the most important goal is to just get to know eachother and have fun. I am an beginning equestrian and I therefor bought Mr.Grumpy as a learning master which he has already really proven himself in. I’ve learned so much the last half year, cant wait for what the future will bring for us.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to write that we have reached them all!

Ridebad Thursday's 

Some people do throwback Thursday, while I seem to be doing Ridebad Thursday. Today he didn’t really want to do much, so I just warmed up his muscles and let him shake of the muscle pain from yesterday. Yesterday’s lesson was pretty hard, so he deserved a lighter day today. I’ve started looking back on the previous weeks and so far I’ve come by grumpy monday( he is totally pmsing every Monday) and then Ridebad Thursday, however the Thursday’s are more my fault as it’s the day of the week that I’m the most tired. He was a right drama going into left canter, standing still, turning around and la la la. At the end he did it, but boy was it hard work. Can’t wait till the day were I laugh of how dumb this issue was and that it doesn’t exist anymore. 
I totally forgot to take photos today, so only got these: 

So happy with my new green saddle pad from Global equestrian. It’s not the best quality, but for 10 euros it’s ok. 
At least 3 times a week I wash the hoofs of Mr.Grumpy and thereafter put on the hydrahoef from Epplejeck. It’s like a hoof oil, but still provides air and moist to the hoof. It prevents that the hoof crumbles, which is something Mr Grumpy has issues with, hence why I also give him biotine plus. It smells super nice as well, which is a big plus. 
Tomorrow it’s finally Friday, can’t wait! 

3 for 2

Of course when you’ve given yourself a shopping ban and have absolutely no money, you get an email that Epplejeck has sales on with pay for 2 things, get 3. I don’t really need anything besides competition shirt and jacket, but as a shopping crazy woman, there are of course things I wouldn’t mind to have.

Aint I colorful? haha

  1. Kingsland competition jacket
  2. Euro-star competition shirt
  3. Harry’s horse breeches
  4. Kingsland sweat rug
  5. Eskadron tendon boots
  6. Kingsland saddle pad
  7. Sprenger bit
  8. Sprenger spurs
  9. Kieffer rubber reins
  10. Kingsland passport holder

Big foot 

Unfortunately the leg of Mr.Grumpy was a bit swollen today so I went there after work to take him for a little walk, then cooled it down and put Betadine on it again. It’s on such a sensitive spot so my nightmare is that he has really struck himself badly.

However on Tuesday and Saturdays I have a really nice woman that rides him for me. So she promised to take good care of him and make sure he was ok. So instead of riding today I’ve been to Circuit training outdoors and thereafter I went to the beach to watch the sunset.

Somewhere in my mind I was hoping that riding alone would make me fit, but I’m starting to realize that it really doesn’t. Therefore I work out extra 3 times a week besides riding to not only feel better, but to ride better. It’s something I’ve started with since two weeks, so I’ll let you know how I get on.

Tomorrow it’s back to riding as we got a group lesson to attend together. Hopefully his leg will be fully ok again then.

Helmet bag

With my old Harry’s horse helmet I didn’t really care to take care of it and generally let it just hang around in my tack closet. However for Christmas I got a really nice Samshield helmet that I wanted and needed to take a bit better care of. After having a look online I ended up with the black and brown BR(nr 6) one that you can see below here. Super happy with it and its leaving my helmet scratch free. I need another one for my new Uvex competition helmet tough, so wanted to see if there was something new on the marked. Below you can see some of the ones I found. I think I will end up with the Uvex one, just need to save up a bit.

  1. Uvex helmet bag
  2. BR Passion
  3. Kingsland helmet bag
  4. BR
  5. QHP
  6. BR