Fetlock boots

While cleaning Mr.Grumpy’s legs today I noticed that he was a bit sensitive on his left backleg, it was like the fetlock boot had rubbed his skin to hard.  As the good owner I am I decided to go online to find a pair of new ones. He already has a nice pair for indoor, but I want one he can use outdoor that doesn’t cost half of my salary. Below you can see some of the ones I found:

1.BR Ultimo 49.95 e

2. BR classic 15.95 e

3. Eskadron Flexisoft classic 32.95 e

4. Back on Track Royal 54.96 e

5. Eskadron Flexisoft air 70.95 e

6. Epplejeck proride 13.95 e

I have the Eskadron Flexisoft Air for inside usage, but though I absolutely love them, I cannot afford another pair for outside. I think I will buy the BR classic for now.


A month ago I received an email from Epplejeck that they had set up a sister company called Horsefitshop.com. For those that doesn’t know it, its an online shop for all things healthy that you’re horse might need, from stuff for their coats or food supplements and so forth.

My horse normally uses Vitamin E and Biotine Plus from NAF, however I noticed that the products from the Horsefitshop was significantly cheaper than the ones from NAF. Normally I would never let money be the decision maker, but after checking the contents they were more or less the same, so I thought I would try to order from Horsefitshop this time instead.

I really like the design of the bottle/container, however I find it a shame it doesn’t come with a handle, so that they are easier to carry.

Vitamine E :  As Mr.Grumpy isn’t the youngest player around anymore, he gets a bit of Vitamin E for his muscles. I opened it to check how the smell was and I almost felt like eating it like candy, it smells delicious vanilla or something in that direction.

Biotine Plus: As mentioned before, Mr. Grumpy becomes a hairy bear in the winter, a lot of hair which needs to come off at some point when we now come closer to the summer. Normally he has had some issues with letting it go, but after I started giving Biotine his coat has become so shiny and nice. The hair was off in less then 2 weeks. I also give Biotine for his hoofs as these are not always that great. I’ve now given it for 3 months and definitely notice that they have become stronger. Super happy with that.

Magnesium: I’ve actually never given him Magnesium before, but after reading that its good for stress horses I thought I would give it a go. Mr.Grumpy can easily get stressed if there are horses or things around him that he doesn’t have control of. Magnesium might help him take a bit of edge off and make him stress less, and considering its a product that he will just pee out if he gets too much I figured it was worth a shot.

Will give the products a shot and come back with a review. All products can be bought here.

Kask Dogma Chrome Flag Cap

To be honest I don’t really need a new cap as I have two already, but I just came across this one while looking around the internet. Might be I’ve been living underneath a rock, but I havent heard too much about the brand Kask before. Would you dare to wear  you’re flag on your cap?

It retails at a whopping 655 euro.