Why am I writing this blog?

It seems that for some it’s a bit unclear why I write this blog and what the purpose of it is. So here below you have 3 reasons why:
1. Online Diary – memories collector
I’m not one of those that write things down in a notebook or print out photos, so this is my online diary of mine and Mr.Grumpies road together. It’s really nice to look back and see what has happened in the last six months and see how much we’ve grown from where we came from. 
2. Products 
I like to provide Mr.Grumpy with good quality products. Why? Because it means I generally need to buy something once instead of several times. However and it’s a big however, I simply can’t afford most of the quality horse products at full price. They are far to expensive for my wallet. What does that mean? It means I need to get creative. I need to buy stuff on sales or at the best possible price. This is the only way I can afford the things I’ve bought so far like the Rambo summer rug for 20 euro, or the Kieffer bridle on 40% sale.  It has nothing to do with sponsorship or sucking up to any brand, it’s only about getting the products you want for the price that suits your budget. As I know I’m not the only one that has it like this I like to share the information I find.
3. Research and learning
I didn’t grow up with horses. The closest I came to one was watching telly or reading the occasional penny. I didn’t get to run around the stable at a young age learning all the things penny girls do. I’ve only been around horses and horseriding for the last 4 years. Which means I am now catching up on all types of information and have been in a pretty steep learningcurve since I got Mr.Grumpy. Therefore I like to write it down here so that I am able to better remember it, but also be able to help out other novice riders who’s in the same boat as me. 
Now, that that’s out of the way. Today I cantered without stirrups for the first time. I even squealed a little “wiiii” as I did it(long live the child in yourself). Half a year ago I would never have dared to go in to the outdoor arena and do that riding by myself without a trainer. Beating those fears one by one. (Insert dancing lady smily here). Mr.Grumpy is now loosing all of his fury coat so he is feeling better as well which feels really good. 

Someone enjoying his well deserved lickstone. 
“Ignorance is bliss”

BR Autumn/Winter 2016

BR Jacket Bonsai Ladies / Also available in blue.

Today its official 14 weeks and 2 days till Christmas. What does mean? It means we’re pretty close to shorter nights and colder weather. The only fun thing about going into these darker times for me is that all the different equestrian brands are launching their winter season collections. After having looked through a couple of different ones it seems that the main colors we can expect this winter is burgundy and blue. The first collection I want to share with you is the new season from BR. They’ve got some really nice stuff in their line for this season, below you can see some of the pieces I found. If you want to check out the whole line, you can do so here.

BR Riding breeches Poplar ladies full seat
BR Riding breeches Poplar ladies knee

Looking through the line I am happy to see there is less and less bling bling on the breeches. These are also available in blue. These have loads of elestane in them which means they should be really comfortable and fit many sizes.

Saddle pad Passion Larch and Passion Almond.

I’ve always really liked the saddle pads from BR as they are of good quality, ok priced and nice colors. New this winter is the saddle pad Larch which has shock-absorbing pads to make it more comfortable for the horses back.

Boot bag passion – 4 EH winter gloves – Groom bag passion

I love my bootbag and cap bag from BR. They both come at an affordable price and looks and feels really nice. No scratches on my cap or boots for that matter at all. So can definitely recommend the boot bag to you. I’ve never tried  BR gloves, but these seem really nice. Comes with a better grip as well.


  1. Woolen rug with neck, 2. Rain rug , 3. Stable rug.

How comfy and nice doesn’t that woolen rug look? Love that it comes with a neck considering Mr.Grumpy needs that in the winter.
Overall I think its a really nice collection, what I like the most with BR is the good quality at affordable prices. Did you see anything nice?

Leather Apron for grooming

You know that feeling, when you’re standing there, braiding your horse and you realize you either need a new tie or something else and you have to step down from your stool and go and get it. How smart isn’t this leather apron from the Stockholms hastbutik? So easy to put everything in there so you can get done at once. Now I’m the worst sucker in the world for beautiful leather, but I think it looks really nice too.
I saw it first on the blog of Nina Rademaeker and you can buy it here for about 80 euro.

Open day at the stable 

Today it was time for the annual open day at the stable were Mr.Grumpy is staying. 
Since there was a lot of fun things planned for children I went there with my sister in law and my nephew which is obsessed with horses. 
We first checked out the Clinic given by Michel van Loon, normally he would ride on his Grand Prix horse, but as she’s currently out of the running he had to do it on another horse, but still fun and insightful to watch. Short video available on Instagram. 

Thereafter we went to applaude for the stable as it got its 4th star by FNRS which is the Dutch riding association which decide the amount of stars a schoolstable should get. Well deserved star!

When that was done we went to check out a specific clinic they gave on making horses less easily spooked. Was very entertaining as some of the horses didn’t want to do what was asked. 

As my nephew is so in love with horse riding I let him ride on Mr.Grumpy as a nice end to the day. They are so cute together and Mr.Grumpy is way nicer with children than with grown ups. 

We ended the day with checking out the foal, which is turning out so cute. 

Really nice day and well done to the stable for putting together such a fun day for children and grown ups. Right now I feel like this man though :


Horse not for sale anymore 

When the alarm went off this morning it took me probably 10 minutes before I realized it was my own alarm. I could think of a thousand other things that I would rather do then sit on a horseback again after yesterday’s hell ride. But after a bit of discussion with myself I managed to drag myself out of bed, into some riding clothes and went. 
But luckily as it often is with horses, not one day is the same and today was definitely different and a lot better then yesterday. The lesson went for the most part really well and he was moving a lot better then the previous week.
Everyone can sit on a horseback, but learning to ride a horse well and pretty is an undertaking of its own. Next week I need to work on being consequent and letting him do the work instead of me. The minute I do the work my hands fly everywhere, which is definitely not the meaning. So good lesson and loads of new things learnt today. Meaning he is not for sale anymore. 
Though I think my boyfriend will disagree with me as he just bit him really hard in the arm. Haha 

Competition day 

Today it was time for another competition day. 
As last time the weather was acting up and the wind was pretty bad, which in return made the horses pretty hot and spooky. However no wind and rain could stop the combinations today so both went home with some well deserved points. 
Even tough I don’t compete myself yet I love to go with other people to prepare, help and watch them compete. You can learn so much from seeing how other combinations deals with certain situations. Anything from loading on the trailer to how they warm up before they start. 
Today’s horses were/are far hotter then Mr.Grumpy and it gave me the realization that I have so much to learn and some serious balls to grow. But that’s the great thing with horses, the minute you get cocky and think you know it all, they’ll make sure to remind you, you don’t. 
Tomorrow it’s time for another lesson to learn some more 😉 

Seeing Stars 

Today started early as we had lesson from 10-11. Yep, tried riding on a Monday for once. 
As it was Monday it of course couldn’t go without a bit of randomness…. I usually tack Mr.Grumpy up in his box as this is better for him. He doesn’t like to have a lot of horses around him while tacking up and can get really grumpy and attacking if you do it close to others. He also can’t be hooked up as he then have a tendency to hang. But ok, today I was tacking him up as normal and he was having his head outside the box as he usually does. The only difference was that today when I walked out to get saddle he got scared of something, then reared in the box and hit his head full force into the ceiling of the box. The whole box was singing and you could see him see stars. So now Mr.Grumpy has a big fat ugly wound on his face…. 
On the other side the lesson went really well. The coughing has stopped since he got his medicine so we now seem to be going forwards instead of a continuous backwards. Now I just need to learn that I shouldn’t ride on my toes. Haha 

Summer Cough 

After 3 weeks of forrest hacks and lunging it was finally time to start lessons this week. But as luck would have it Mr.Grumpy started coughing quite badly when cantering. I had a hope that it would be because of the hot weather and that it would go away after a few days, but unfortunately not. So the veterinarian had to come again and check it. That’s two strikes in two weeks(my bank account is hating him at the moment) Luckily she couldn’t find anything really bad and figured it was down to the dust and warm weather. He is now on some medicine for a week in hope that that will help, otherwise we will have to change his box to sawdust. The veterinarian did mention that he looked a lot better then two weeks ago, so that’s always good news. Beside the coughing he was feeling really well when we rode, so hopefully next week it will be without the snot and coughing. Someone needs to build up some muscles again, that’s for sure! 

Since last time 

Woopsie, someone’s been lazy updating here. Since last time we’ve done quite some things: 
– Been to a competition:

The weather was terrible that day, but all contestants got points so we didn’t face the rain for nothing. 
– The saddle maker has fixed my saddle: 

Mr.Grumpy was grumpy as normal, but now the saddle fits well again. Hopefully this will help his back a little as well. 
– Mr.Grumpy has been loads outside eating grass or walking:

And today as it was way to warm to do any type or excersize we did some horsemanship and he got a long shower as he was a bit to warm. 

Tomorrow its finally time for lesson again. Can’t wait. 

Sunny days 

Todays been a proper chill day. Workout, lunging, proper shower with shampoo and now relaxing in the sun. Think the most interesting thing we’ve done is testing out the stud muffins I bought for him yesterday. 
Their definitely approved! 

Tomorrow I can finally ride again! 

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