Great riding breeches

Ola ola,

If there is one thing I hate trying, then its new riding breeches. I once went to Divoza and tried almost every single breech in the store and none of them fitted me unless they costed way to many dollars. Generally when I find one that I like I end up buying every colour, just so I don’t need to buy any for a long time.

There is a few things that I need when it comes to breeches. They need to have stretch, so they don’t feel too tight when I ride. They need to have a high waist as unfortunately I do not have the smallest one. +  I want them to be as cheap as possible. With that list in mind, quite a lot of breeches already fall off already.

A while ago a stable friend tipped me about the riding breeches from Horze. I must admit I was a bit hesitant as I generally like to try on the breeches before I buy them, but since Horze had such a great black Friday deal on, I took the plunge. Today I received them and they are so nice! The silicon seems really nice and the fit is great. So I wanted to bring the tip on to you. If you are looking for the same type of breeches as me I can really recommend the ones below (they are currently on sale for 49.95 euro!):

They have them in several different colours.

You can buy them HERE.


Equestrian Stockholm



Long time no see, live’s been pretty busy the last two weeks hence why the blog had to suffer, but now its back on track.

Surfing around the internet I saw that one of my favorite brands is now for sale in the Netherlands. Hypostore has started selling the brand Equestrian Stockholm.

Equestrian stockholm is a brand thats been super smart with their marketing, creating beautiful content and sharing it on the internet like Pinterest, Instagram and so forth. They’ve also focused heavily on influencer marketing which is now really starting to pay off. Their products is something fresh in the quite stuffy Dutch market. Clean and smooth lines going hand in hand with great quality. The only thing that I don’t like is the Scandinavian price tag which I think a lot will find to high. Not a lot of people is willing to pay 80 euro for a saddle pad. Nonetheless their beautiful.




Equestrian outfits

Below you can see a bunch of lovely equestrian outfits. A part of me really wish I was as keen to match as they are, but in all honesty: I’ve got 6 black riding pants and generally just throw on whatever sweater I got close by. and they all use bandages. pfft. Guess the Swedes love their bandages(They are all Swedish). Love me some inspiration once in a while though and their horses are so pretty to look at.


Dressage hairstyles 

It’s finally weekend ( whoop whoop ).

For many that means pure relaxation, while for those doing dressage competitions, it means just that, another dressage competition on the way. Which in return means you gotta fix that hair again.

Maybe its time for another hair style this weekend then your usual one? Below you can find loads of different alternatives.

If I were doing competitions I’d probably end up with just a classy bun, mainly because I’m not girly girl enough to wear hair nets with pearls on it and secondly because I’m way to lazy to fix it properly. If I was going to go all out, I’d probably end up with the one below. Though I must say I’m secretly in love with the blue bow above.

Hopefully you’ve got some inspiration from these photos and if you’re competition, good luck!