Sri Lanka

Ola Ola,

At the moment I am meant to enjoy my vacation on Sri Lanka, but am sat on the hotel room with no access to social media and no wish to go outside.

Yesterday evening we were a bit tired of spending time at the resort, so we asked the reception to book us a taxi to go to Colombo. The taxi service told us that the traffic jam was so heavy that he advised to go another day. In the end we ended up calling a Tuk Tuk who would take us to the closest super market to buy some necessities.

After a minute ride the driver stops and asks us in very broken English if it was ok to drive by his house. He needed to pick up something. I was a bit shocked, but said ok. As I said it, all my alarm bells started ringing as I had no idea what to expect.

We drove a bit further and pull up to this cute little house, with his dog and son running around. The driver disappears into his house, but quickly comes back with two new umbrellas that he wanted us to have as it’s rain season here. I immediately feel very guilty for always being so skeptical towards people.

He then takes us on a road trip around Negombo. Shows us several neighborhoods and takes us to the largest super market there is. As we pass by several different churches he proudly states that here all religions live in harmony. From the outside we can see several people praying, all in their different ways.

Today we wake up to seeing that one of these churches were bombed.

At this moment we’ve been sat in the hotel room more or less the entire day. I wish I could be one of these people, that would just go and lay by the pool and shut it out, but I can’t. I feel so sorry for the people of this country and everyone who has been hurt or have lost someone. The people that I’ve met so far have been genuinely so nice and only wanting the best for you. It saddens me, that people think they have the right to ruin other people’s life’s just based on what they believe in, whether this is religion, or if a land belongs to them.

I was looking forward to exploring the country for the next couple of days, but unfortunately as it looks right now we will have to stay in the hotel. One of my dreams has always been to release turtles into the wild, so I will have to come back to this beautiful country one day.

As said, we have no access to social media, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is all down. Hopefully WordPress will share this post to Facebook automatically so you will see it.

I can’t wait to be home.


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