Ola ola,

I thought we had entered autumn, but seems like it’s been put on hold. Grumpy already has a bit of autumn fur and is rather sweaty now with our sudden warm weather.

But that aside, Friday we are going to the clinic. For the last couple of months we’ve been back and forward trying to figure out why he is not walking like he used to. He is normal in walk and canter, but the minute you try to trot he tries to curl himself up and doesn’t want to move forward. Then he keeps doing that for a minute before he suddenly trots completely normal again. From the ground you can clearly see that his back legs take shorter strides for a while. The weird thing is that for the rest of the ride you won’t notice anything and he is back to normal.

I could potentially just go on and keep riding him, but I feel it’s my duty to him as his owner to figure it what it is before it gets worse. For all I know it could be a muscle issue as the arena’s at the current stable is a lot different from the old one, but it could also be something more serious. I must admit I’m a bit scared of the results, but I rather want to know what it is then keep thinking about it. First and foremost I do not want Grumpy to have any pain and depending on that we will make whatever decision is needed.

So keep your thumbs twisted for Friday, until then, have a good week!


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